A Shadowrun game site dedicated to 3rd edition.

The year is 2063 and all is not well, Chummer. Many things have changed since 2050.
To get caught up on all the fun that has happened you'll need to scan the docs below to get a feel.
Remember to keep your head down, your ammo full and your enemies close.

Warning: It is expected that PCs and NPCs alike will be lost in this game. It is therefore
recommended that all Players have a spare PC ready to go should the need arise.

All PCs are now at least 97% complete. The Team History in the background of each
PC is written. When finalized (after reviews and editing), all members will know
each other and will have had at least two runs together. The opening scene has been
started and the first Historical Post has been added to the Site Updates page.
Stay tuned for more shadow updates...

Here is a useful, direct download link to a Character Creation program for SR3: NSRCG.
It was created in 2005. I have already used it and, even though there are limits to
GM overrides, I like it.

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