From Ka-Ge, vol 1, issue 3, 1992, & Lazarus Long's Notebook, & my military experience)
  1. Never walk alone.
  2. Attitude is great, but it's not everything. Even the best can be flat-lined by some punk with an Ares Predator.
  3. Pay attention to detail, every waking moment. Few 'runners die in their beds.
  4. Use your reputation to its utmost advantage.
  5. Consult your contacts. You are who you know.
  6. Purchase additional data. Free info is worth what you paid for it (besides, the nuyen "saved" won't do you any good when you end up dead for lack of intel).
  7. Always carry a ranged weapon.
  8. A silencer is golden (but once the drek hits the fan, make noise--you'll need to yell to be heard over that mini-gun).
  9. Always, always think two moves ahead.
  10. You'll end up just as dead being too skeptical, as being too trusting. Take nothing for granted.
  11. Just because it might look good, doesn't mean it will be good.
  12. Make sure everyone has his equipment before the encounter.
  13. Put the body of an astral mage in a safe place.
  14. This ain't the movies. Running = realism.
  15. Practice the art of camoflague. Dress like the natives & cover those high-chrome limbs, omae.
  16. Take full advantage of cover & concealment. Standing in the open draws unwanted attention.
  17. If you are a Shaman, act accordingly.
  18. Magic is deadly. If you don't fear it, learn to.
  19. Discretion is the better part of valor (know when to be a good runner--the kind that use their feet).
  20. Make sure your team is well balanced with a wide variety of talent, before going in.
  21. Once you are in a balanced team, know what your function is.
  22. Lessen the odds whenever possible.
  23. A few carefully placed light-to-moderate wounds per enemy greatly increases your survival chances.
  24. Think about where you are and how your actions will affect the situation.
  25. Make a plan & STICK TO IT. You can always make modifications "on the fly."
  26. Learn to think on your feet. Indecision will get you killed.
  27. Don't forget to incorporate rehersal time into your planning.
  28. Get the first shot off fast. This will upset them enough to let you make your second shot count.
  29. Your enemy is never a villain in his own eyes. Often times he is just some slot, doing his job.
  30. Place your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.
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