January 2016

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Item #1

Ares Predator Machine Pistol I (APMP-I)
Type: Machine Pistol
Concealability: 6
Ammo: 40 (c)
Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 7L/7M
Weight: 2.4kg
Availability: 5/48 hrs
Cost: 1150
Street Index: 2
Legal Code: 5-G
Recoil Compensation: 2
Description: An improvement on a weapon design that is really near perfection, the Ares Predator MP comes with burst fire capability and has an intergral Gas Vent Recoil System in the barrel. It is capable of mounting a laser sight under the barrel and a scope on top of the barrel. This new weapon looks like the Mac 10 from years past.
Game Notes: The Gas Vent Recoil System has a 2 Rating. The Smartlink II System is integrated in the grip and has a link for an external connection at the base of the grip. There is an extended clip available that reduces concealability from 6 to 5, but adds an extra 15 rounds. Empty clips cost 15¥ while a full one costs 185¥ for standard ammo.

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Previous Items
(not active yet)