Updated: 1/1/16

Sample Shadowrunner

Covert Ops Specialist

Race (C): Elf
Gender: Female
Name: Melethian Letrimina
Aliases: Slipstream, Red Bolt
Height: 1.85 meters
Weight: 57kg
Age: 22
DOB: 4/8/2041
Place of Birth: ?

Attributes (D):

Body: 3
Quickness: 5
Strength: 3
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 4
Willpower: 3
Essence: 3.22
Magic: 0
Reaction: 4
Initiative: 4 +1D6 (+2D6)
  Combat Pool: 6
  Karma Pool: 1
  Good Karma: 6

Active Skills (A)

Athletics: 6
Clubs (Stun Baton): 3 (5)
Computers: 4
Electronics (Maglock Systems): 3 (5)
Etiquette (Corporate): 5 (7)
Negotiations (Fast Talking): 5 (7)
Pistols: 4
Stealth: 6
Unarmed Combat (Kick Attacks): 3 (5)

Knowledge Skills

Corporate Finances: 4
Corporate Politics: 4
Elven Wines: 1
English: 4
  Read/Write: 2
Japanese Culture: 4
Japanese: 4
  Read/Write: 2
Modern Jazz: 1
Psychology: 4


Boosted Reflexes (Rating 1)
Cyberears (Alphaware) with Dampener, Hearing Amplification, Recorder
Cybereyes (Alphaware) with Camera, Flare Compensation, Low-light, Retinal Duplication (Rating 3) and Thermographic Vision
Datajack (Alphaware)
Headware Memory (Alphaware) 150 MP
Headware Radio (Alphaware, Rating 6)
Smartgun Link (Alphaware)


Katana Sword: +1 Reach, (STR + 3)M, Concealability: 3, Cost: 1000¥
Uzi III Mode: BF, Damge: 6M, Conceal: 5, Ammo: 24 (c), Wt: 2kg, Cost: 1200¥. Extra Clips: 2.
Sound Suppresser: Conceal: -2, Wt: .5, Cost: 750¥. 300 shots remaining. Smartgun, internal: Wt: .5kg, Cost: +100%


Camo Full Suit (black): Concealability: 0, Ballistic: 3, Impact: 1, Weight: 1.5kg, Cost: 800¥


Climbing Gear: harness, kit, gloves, 50m rope
Dataline Tap (Rating 6):
Electronics Tool Kit: Conceal: 3, Wt: 5kg, Cost: 1500¥.
Flash-Pak: Conceal: 12, Damage: Special, Wt: .2, Cost: 250¥. Notes: The size of a pack of cigarettes, this unit contains four quartz-halogen micro-flashes designed to fire in random strobe sequences to disorient, distract and blind opponents. Anyone facing a flash- pak receives a +4 target number modifier ( +2 if the target has flare compensation). The pak also negates modifiers from poor or no lighting, but imposes its own +2 modifier because of the strobing flashes.
Magnifying Goggles: Conceal: 0 (when worn), Magnification: 50x, Weight: 1kg, Cost: 100¥. 500Mp of off-line recording, Cost: 10,000¥
Subvocal Mic: Conceal: 12, Weight: n/a, Cost: 3500¥ (Rating 3 ECCM)
Grapple Gun: Stealth Grapple Line (100m) and Catalyst Stick
Large Flashlight:
Pocket Secretary:
Respirator with Pressure Regulator:
Scanner (Rating 6):
Sequencer (Rating 4): Conceal: 8, Wt: 2, Cost: 8000¥. To use a sequencer, make an Opposed Test between the sequencer and maglock ratings. If the sequencer wins, the lock is bypassed; extra successes reduce the 10-second base time. If the maglock wins, a Passive Alert is triggered.
Tabletop Computer (200 MP):
5 Tranq Patches (Rating 5): Cost: 500¥. Notes: This patch is designed to anesthetize patients in preparation for medical attention. Tranq patches are also used in some circles to sedate unruly prisoners. Both the patch and the patient make an Opposed Test, pitting the patient’s Body Attribute against the patch’s rating. If the patch gets more successes than the character, each net success fills in a box on the Stun damage track of the subject’s Condition Monitor.
Tracking Signal and Signal Locator (AOD, Rating 6):
Wristphone with Flip-up Screen:
Tres Chic Clothing: 5 outfits (3 street, 2 dresses)


Fixer: Level 2
Lone Star Cop: Level 1
Novatech Suit: Level 1
Yamatetsu Business Manager: Level 1


Lifestyle: High: Pd 4 months in advance. Cost: 40,000¥
Lifestyle: Low: Pd 3 months in advance. Cost: 15,000¥
Certified Credstick: Current value is 40,000¥. Cannot be used as ID.
Gold Credstick, Forged (9): Cost: 90,000¥. Current value is 100,000¥. Can be used as ID (Rating 9 to detect).

Resources (B)

2,640¥ (in cash)


Lost natural low-light vision due to cyber replacements

Playing a Covert Ops Specialist

The Covert Ops Specialist is a master of infiltration and unauthorized access. Her skills and gear allow her to survey targets and gather intelligence. Using her Electronics Skill, sequencer and retinal duplication, she can bypass security systems and alarms like a megacorp evading a tax.

Physical obstacles are bypassed through the use of athletics, and guards can be fast-talked or taken out physically if necessary. Once inside, she can sneak quietly about, communicate silently via headware radio, and use her cybered senses and radio scanners to keep an eye out for trouble. Anything she sees or hears through her amplified senses can be recorded and stored in headware memory.

The specialist maintains a strict cover identity which she uses to conceal her true identity and goals, as well as to lure unsuspecting targets into her confidence. She’s a valued teammate, either as an information gatherer or as an advance scout.