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Karri Hass
Corporate Samurai

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Race: Human
Gender: Female
Name: Karri Hass
Aliases: Rhonda Templeton
Height: 1.727 meters
Weight: 65kg
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Light blue
Age: 24
DOB: ?
Place of Birth: Stuttgart, Germany


Body: 5
Quickness: 7(10)
Strength: 5(8)
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 4
Essence: .62
Magic: 0
Reaction: 6(8)
Initiative: 6(8) +1D6(+3D6)
  Combat Pool: 10
  Karma Pool: 1
  Good Karma: 10

Active Skills

Karate: 5 *
Learned Maneuvers: Full Offense, Sweep
Rifles: 6
Pistols: 6
Athletics: 5
Throwing Weapons(Grenades): 2(4)
Stealth: 6
Etiquette: 3

* Martial Arts: Karate

Advantages: +1 die when using the Full Defense option or the Full Offense maneuver.
Disadvantages: -2 die when using the Subduing Combat option.
Maneuvers: Blind Fighting, Focus Strength, Focus Will, Full Offense, Kick Attack, Vicious Blow, Sweep, Throw, Whirling

Knowledge Skills

SWAT Team Tactics: 4
Navigation(Land): 2(4)
Security Procedures: 4
Area Knowledge(Stuttgart): 2(4)
Area Knowledge(Black Forest): 2(4)
Politics(Corporate Politics): 3(5)
Economics(Stock Market): 4(6)
History(Corporate History of the 21st Century) 3(5)


German: 5
  Read/Write: 2
English: 4
  Read/Write: 2

Edges & Flaws

Exceptional Attribute (2): Increase racial limit of one attribute by 1. Can allow 7 points in an attribute at start. Limit one per character. Quickness +1 to Racial maximum.
Sense of Direction (1): Never get lost, and always able to find North.
Bravery (1): -1 TNs to resist fear and intimidation.
Quick Healer (2): -2 healing TNs.
Hung out to Dry (-4): Character's contacts will no longer speak to them.
Hunted (-2): Lvl 1: Members of Mueller-Schluter Infotech, a subsidiary of AG Chemie Europa Corp. out of Frankfurt, Germany that took out Karri's team hunts her for the death of team leader during the take over.


Street Cred: 0
Total Karma earned/10, rounding normally
Notoriety: 0
See MJLBB p.120 for details.
Public Awareness: 0
20 - Street Cred and Notoriety


Boosted Reflexes [3] (A): E: 2.24, +2 Reaction, +2 Initiative, sr3 p.302
Muscle Replacement [3] (A): E: 2.40, +3 Quickness, +3 Strength, sr3 p.302
Eyes, Cyber Replacement (A): Essense: .16, SR3 p.300
Flare Comp(A): E: .08: Eliminate glare modifiers, sr3 p.300
Low-Light(A): E: .16: Low-light vision, sr3 p.300
Rangefinder(A) E: .08: Shows range to target.w/SM2 -1 TN to targets at Long range and -2 TN at Extreme range. Not compatible with other vision magnifications. mm p.31
Vision Mag Ele[3] (A): E: .08: Undetectable, see pages SR3-110 and SR3-280 for effects, sr3 p.300
Retinal Clock (A): E: .08: Displays time/date, stopwatch, and countdown, sr3 p.300
Thermographic (A): E: .16: Thermographic vision, sr3 p.300
Ear Modificatios:
Dampener (A): E: .08: Protect against loud/damaging sound, sr3 p.299
Hearing Amp (A): E: .16: Similar to shotgun microphone, sr3 p.299
Smartlink II (Alphaware): E: .4: -2 to TNs for firing a Smartlink-II weapon, +2 Called Shot modifier. MM p.31


HK227-S (2lqt): SR2 p.238 & SRUELv3.1 p.5
Type: SMG
Conceal: 5
Ammo: 28 (c)
Modes: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 7M
Range: 0-10/11-40/41-80/81-150
Weight: 3
Cost: 1200¥
Notes: 2: gas vent 2, l: laser sight, q: silenced, t: telescoping/folding stock, (c): clip
This gun is the SMG of choice for many corporate and military security forces. The standard model boasts a retractable stock that provides 1 point of recoil compensation, integral laser sights (underbarrel mount), and a Rating 2 gas vent recoil compensation system (barrel mount). The S variant, popular with corporate strike teams and special forces, substitutes an integral sound suppressor for the recoil system. Mounts Available: Top. Folding Stock (-1 Conceal/+1 Recoil when deployed)

Cavalier Arms Kriss Vector III (Sabre):
Type: Assault Rifle
Conceal: 4
Ammo: 30(c)
Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M
Range: 0-50/51-150/151-350/351-550
Weight: 4.9kg
Cost: 5000¥
Recoil: 2
Cavalier Arms arrived at the 2062 Guns and Ammo show with this little baby in tow: the Sabre. Designed for covert ops work, the Sabre is designed to have a smaller profile than the standard assault rifle, using the venerable bullpup configuration. Space-age polymers and durable ceramics give the Sabre a lighter weight than most rifles with the added advantage of partial invisibility to the ubiquitous MAD scanners and internal compensators in case you need to fire more than one round. The small barrel, while reducing the range of the weapon, gives it a smaller profile perfect for room-to- room combat, and the built-in suppressor keeps the noise down when your team needs to be quiet. Add into that the Mark II Smartlink system and you have a small, compact firing system for the covert ops team on the move.
Game Notes: Bullpup, Integral Smartlink-2, Ceramic Components Level 1, Integral Recoil Compensation, Integral Sound Suppressor, Reduced Barrel. Mounts Available: Top, Underbarrel.
Reference: http://denver.wikidot.com/info:assault-rifles-information

Savalette Guardian SL2 (HPist):
Conceal: 5
Ammo: 15 (c)
Mode: SA/BF (Complex Action)
Damage: 6M
Range: 0-5/6-20/21-40/41-60
Recoil Level: 1
Weight: 2.25kg
Cost: 650¥
Accessories: Silencer. Weight: .2kg, Cost: 500¥ Note: Conceal: -2
Extra Ammo: 8 x 12 round clips (strd rounds), Conceal: 8, Weight: 1.35kg each (10.8kg); 4 x 12 round clips (explosive rounds), Conceal: 8, Weight: 1.35kg each (6.6kg)
Extra Clips: 4; Weight: .1kg (.4kg)
Quick-Draw Holster: Changes the drawing of the weapon from a Complex Action to a Simple Action. Wt: .1kg Notes: Comes with an internal Smartlink-2 System (M&M p.31). This feature is useless without a SmartLink System installed in the user.

Walther MA-2100:
Type: Sniper Rifle
Conceal: -
Ammo: 12(c)
Mode: SA
Damage: 14S
Range: 0-150/151-300/301-700/701-1000
Weight: 3.25kg
Cost: 6500¥
Recoil: 0 (see Accessories below)
Extra Ammo: 3 clips
Accessories: Gas Vent Recoil (L4: cannot be used with sound suppresser), Scope (x3), Laser Sight, Sound Suppresser, Smart Link II
The chosen sniper rifle of the Confederated American States (CAS) Army, the MA-2100 comes with an internal Smartgun system. Designed to military specifications, the Walther is reliable and free of the design instabilities of other sniper rifles.
Mounts Available: Barrel, Top, Underbarrel.

Hardliner Gloves:
Conceal: 9
Reach: 0
Damage: (STR+1)M Stun
Weight: .5kg
Cost: 300¥M

IPE Concussion Grenades (A) 4
Conceal: 6
Damage: 16M Stun
Range: 0–STR x3 / to STR x5 / to STR x10 / to STR x20
Weight: 2kg
Cost: ¥
Notes: Resolving a grenade attack is a two-step process. The first step determines where the grenade ends up (and where it will explode) in relation to the target. The second step resolves the effect of the grenade’s explosion (see Ranged Combat Modifiers, p. 112). Scatter is 1D6.

Smoke (IR) Grenade (A) 4
Conceal: 6
Damage: -
Range: 0–STR x3 / to STR x5 / to STR x10 / to STR x20
Weight: 1kg
Cost: ¥
Notes: Resolving a grenade attack is a two-step process. The first step determines where the grenade ends up (and where it will explode) in relation to the target. The second step resolves the effect of the grenade’s explosion (see Ranged Combat Modifiers, p. 112). Scatter is 1D6.


Form-Fitting Full Body Suit:
Conceal: 12
Ballistic: 4
Impact: 1
Weight: 1.25kg
Cost: 2000¥
Notes: Using advanced synthetic materials that breathe and stretch with the body, form-fitting body armor is custom-tailored to the body of each individual. Each set is unique, contored for a specific body shape so that there are no gaps or folds. This armor comes in three versions: shirt, half-body suit and full-body suit. The full-body suit covers the entire body, including the extremities, and comes with gloves, slippers and a hood. Form-fitting armor can be worn with other armor but does not affect a character when calculating penalties for Combat Pool loss (SR3, p. 285).

Secure Long Coat: ssc.41
Conceal: 10
Ballistic: 4
Impact: 2
Weight: 2kg
Cost: 650¥

Synth Leather Jacket:
Conceal: -
Ballistic: 0
Impact: 1
Weight: 1kg
Cost: 250¥

Synth Leather Pants:
Conceal: -
Ballistic: 0
Impact: 1
Weight: 1kg
Cost: 250¥

Armor Vest w/Plates: sr2.242
Conceal: 10
Ballistic: 4
Impact: 3
Weight: 2kg
Cost: 600¥


Small backpack: For use on operations. Cost: 15¥
Duffle Bag: For clothing etc.
Weapons cleaning and maintenance kits (not B/R): For all guns.
Combat boots:
Form-fitting Synthetic Gloves:
Combat Harness with sling for SMG: Pouches for spare mags for all weapons and grenades.
Ascent/Descent Kit: sr3.295,fof.56
Conceal: 3
Weight: 2
Cost: 250¥
Ascent/Descent Harness: sr3 p.295, fof p.56
Conceal: 3
Weight: .25kg
Cost: 75¥
Grapple Gun: sr3.295
Conceal: 7
Weight: 2.25kg
Cost: 450¥
Stealth Grapple Line (100m) [x2]: sr3 p.295
Conceal: 3
Weight: 3kg
Cost: 170¥
Notes: Unlike normal grapple line, stealth grapple line is easily dealt with after use. Touching a catalyst stick to the line creates a chemical reaction that causes it to crumble to dust within seconds. The catalyst stick is re-usable.
Medkit Rating 9: mm.138
Conceal: -
Weight: 5kg (Rating/2 round up)
Cost: 440¥
Notes: Can be used up to 9 times before requiring replacement supplies. These supplies cost half of the original cost.
Wrist Phone w/Flip-Up Screen: sr3 p.287
Conceal: 8
Weight: .02kg
Cost: 150¥ Notes: Phone service is usually limited to a specific sprawl, though a user can merely register that she is “roaming” and her service will be available in other sprawlzones. Because cellphones broadcast and receive, they are subject to electromagnetic distortions and jamming. For these purposes, consider all cell phones to have a Device Rating of 2. Decking cannot be done over cellular frequencies.



Anton Friedmann: Level 1: Human male, Corporate Decker: Berlin
1.778 m, slim build. short stylish haircut, blond with green eye's. Has a taste for classical music. Always seems to be tapping his feet to 20th century music. Anton is in his 30's.
Jeni Everhart: Level 1: Human female, Company Man: Berlin
1.626 m, slim. Dark blonde hair, blue eye's.


Lifestyle: Low: 1 month prepaid. Starts: 1/01/63, Ends: 1/31/63


Strd Credstick: 2025¥
Extra Cash: ¥


Karri was born in Stuttgart Germany, but grew up in Feldberg on the edges of the Black Forest. Karri grew up in a happy family of 6, one sister and two brothers, her father being retired military working as a ranger in the Black forest. Her Mother was a doctor at the local medical clinic.

Karri has a great love of the outdoors life, tramping, camping and hunting. Taught to shoot from an early age and learning the unusual Martial Art of Karate from her father of which she has attained Cho Dan: first degree black belt.

Coming from a middleclass background with a firm belief in the Corporate State, Karri has been driven to succeed from a young age, excelling both in physical and academic pursuits. This lead to the placement of Karri in the security section of Heimat Sicherheit Corporation (translation is literally "Homeland Security Corporation") at their headquarters in Berlin. Successes in her department and in the capital of the corporate state Karri's future looked bright.

But Karri's ascendant star came crashing down when the corporation she worked for was subsumed in a hostile takeover (emphasis on hostile). Part of a security team guarding a research facility in lower Stuttgart near the Wallgraben Subway Station, Karri's team successfully defended the facility with Karri herself killing the team leader with her sniper rifle.

Hunted by a revengeful member of the hostile corporation and abandoned by her contacts, Karri secretly left Germany for Seattle, hoping for anonymity and to restart her life anew.

GM Update (can be modified, requires approval):

Upon arriving in Seattle she realized that she needed a contact. Her first thought was a local pub named Barnabee's Bar and Grill. She went in and sat down at the bar. The bartender at the time was a human female who went by the name of Cherrybomb. After her first drink [GM: you can give it a name if you wish], Karri asked for help in locating someone for a job. Cherrybomb made a call and ended up turning her on to an elf friend of hers by the name of Icarus (after a 50 Nuyen finders fee). She was told he had access to plenty of contacts for whatever she needed.

*  *  *

Later that night Karri found Icarus standing on a street next to the opening of an ally just out of the light. They met and talked for a few minutes and decided to meet again the next night as a job opened up that would net them some good starting money. All Karri had to do was provide overwatch for Icarus and his Decker friend, Boomer (who was a little odd to say the least).

*  *  *

The job was so easy that she didn't even fire a shot. Almost too easy. The job, a seemingly excessive amount of pay for data retreival, didn't even allow her to break a sweat or use any ammo - expensive ammo. At least she could survive for a few months on the take and find a place to live as well. Icarus and Boomer, though an unusual pair, seemed to be trustable. She would need to work on gaining additional contacts, but for now she would utilize Icarus and those he allowed her to meet with in the future.

*  *  * Days tured into weeks as Karri learned where things were and how to get around in Seattle. Icarus and Boomer both helped on occasion, but she tried not to rely on them very often. In fact, even though they were quite knowledgable she stuck with a professional relationship for everything. Her personal life needed to stay personal.

However, during the next few weeks they got together to plan several runs offered to them by a now familiar Mr. Johnson. He was at least polite, but had an air of "I'm better that you, and don't forget it" attitude that rubbed the wrong way sometimes.

One of the runs required a rigger and a tough vehicle. Mr. Johnson knew a couple riggers that might do the trick. The first one, an elf, actually turned down the offer. The second one, a human, looked forward to the challenge. Mr. Johnson set up the meet in a familiar setting, that of Barnabee's Bar and Grill. They were to meet the rigger there at 2 AM. He went by Jack Knife and would be wearing red- lensed shades sitting at the bar. Unfortunatly, Boomer wasn't allowed in the bar so Icarus hooked up a trideo link on his shirt that looked like a decorative pin, allowing the decker to observe and listen in on the coversation.

The meet went well as Icarus explained what the pin was right from the start so there would be no secrets up front to ruin the meeting. The human reluctantly agreed once he was told that he would be meeting the other elf on the next meet right before the run to help prep.

A fixer from the litany of contacts belonging to Icarus offered a temporary Safe House near the runs location as a last effort. The location was large enough for a good-sized vehicle. They were set.

On the following night near 1:00 AM the group met, Boomer and Jack Knife got introduced, final preparations were made and the run began...

Mr. Johnson didn't have all the information they needed. He wasn't told about the second security layer on the grounds that had just been put in. That made the extraction all the more difficult. So difficult in fact, Icarus got blasted in the arm, Rhonda in the leg. This nearly lost them the contents of the run and their lives. However, with the expert driving skills of the newest member of their group, Jack Knife, they made the safe house just in time to ditch LoneStar and the facility security personnel that gave chase once the alarm had sounded. Jack Knife's van, upon inspection, had taken two hits and would need repairs, but they were minor. The take on the run would more than cover damages. In addition, all wounds were tended to and seemed minor; no hospital or steet doc visit would be required, just rest.

The best part about the run became the short stay in the safe house - lasting for only an entire day. After that short stint in exile arrangements were made with Mr. Johnson to deliver the goods and a fixer for the rest.

That near-deadly run started the working relationship of all three and introduced several others along the route.

*  *  *

Later, in late November the trio was introduced to Nephthys - a human female, and Lady Links - also a human female. They went on a run that required the capture on an executive and a long wait in a safe house while certain negotiations happened for his release. The ransom was paid after a day or two and the exec was released in an alley where he could be found after a short time. Come to find out that Lady Links was a mage as she had to knock out the exec after he tried to escape during the course of the run. He didn't make it past the spot she was sitting at. The only damage done to anyone was a boredom. They were each paid well.

The group went on two additional runs together and they proved, without a doubt, that they worked well together. Even Mr. Johnson found that working with them became easier. Karri noted the same. She felt more secure now that she had found a group she could rely on during runs. She had high hopes that this cohesive team would remain, but the shadows always had the last say...