Updated: 2/1/16

Leslie Kellian
Investigator/Street Mage

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Race: Human
Gender: Female
Name: Leslie Kellian
Aliases: Lady "Links"
Height: 1.63 meters
Weight: 63.5kg
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Age: 26
DOB: 9-28-2037
Place of Birth: Seattle


Body: 4
Quickness: 5
Strength: 3
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 4
Willpower: 6
Essence: 6
Magic: 6
Reaction: 4
Initiative: 4 +1D6
  Combat Pool: 7
  Astral Combat Pool: 7
  Spell Pool: 8
  Karma Pool: 1
  Good Karma: 10

Active Skills

Pistols: 3
Brawling: 3
Sorcery: 5
Conjuring: 6
Bike: 5
Etiquette: 4
Stealth: 4
BioTech: 4

Knowledge Skills

Police Procedures: 5
Gang ID: 4
Forensics: 5
Aura Reading: 3
Magical Theory: 3


English(CitySpeak): 2(4)
  Read/Write: 1(2)
English(MageTalk): 2(4)
  Read/Write: 1(2)


Street Cred: 0
Total Karma earned/10, rounding normally
Notoriety: 0
See MJLBB p.120 for details.
Public Awareness: 0
20 - Street Cred and Notoriety

Edges & Flaws





Mana Bolt: 6
Sleep: 3
Heal: 5
Combat Sense: 4
Detect Life: 4
Invisibility: 3


Ruger Super Warhawk:
Conceal: 4
Ammo: 6 (cy)
Mode(s): SS
Damage: 7M
Range: 0-5, 6-20, 21-40, 41-60
Weight: 2.5kg
Cost: 300¥
Notes: This heavy revolver accepts all standard accessories except a silencer.
Extra Rounds: 20 (flechette)
Ares Predator:
Conceal: 5
Ammo: 15 (c)
Mode(s): SA
Damage: 6M
Range: S:0-5, M:6-20, L:21-40, E:41-60
Weight: 2.25kg
Cost: 450¥
Notes: Considered by many the premier heavy pistol, the Predator is a menacing weapon popular among mercenaries and security services.
Extra Clips: 3
Fichetti Security 500:
Conceal: 7
Ammo: 12 (c)
Mode(s): SA
Damage: 6L
Range: S:0–5, M:6–15, L:16–30, E:31–50
Weight: 1kg
Cost: 400¥
Notes: Designed for light security work, the Fichetti 500 accepts a full range of pistol accessories. Mint 500a models come with an extended 25-round clip and a detachable shoulder stock (which provides 1 point of recoil compensation).
Extra Clips: 2
Remington 950 Rifle:
Conceal: 2
Ammo: 5 (m)
Mode(s): SA
Damage: 9S
Range: S:0–50 M:51–150 L:151–350 E:351–550
Weight: 4kg
Cost: 800¥
Notes: Long and sleek, the 950 uses smooth bolt-action and includes a Rating 1 top-mount image magnifying scope. The rifle cannot take underbarrel-mounted accessories.
Extra Rounds: 30


Conceal: 6
Ballistic: 5
Impact: 3
Weight: 2kg
Cost: 900¥
Notes: Available in a wide selection of tailoring, from chic street styling to the harsh ribbed and padded aesthetic of macho militarism, these jackets offer substantial protection.


Wrist Cell Phone: w/ flip up screen
Conceal: 8
Weight: .02kg
Cost: 150¥
Notes: Phone service is usually limited to a specific sprawl, though a user can merely register that she is “roaming” and her service will be available in other sprawlzones. Because cellphones broadcast and receive, they are subject to electromagnetic distortions and jamming. For these purposes, consider all cell phones to have a Device Rating of 2. Decking cannot be done over cellular frequencies.
Restraints: plasteel, 1 pair
Conceal: 3
Barrier Rating: 15
Cost: 50¥
Notes: In addition to the usual metal models, high-tech plastic strips may be heat-fused to a subject’s wrists or ankles, where they will remain in place until the subject is cut free. Such restraints can be painful if the wearer resists them.
Rating: 3
Weight: 3
Cost: 200¥
Notes: The 2060 medkit is well equipped to handle most typical medical emergencies. It includes drug supplies, bandages, tools and even a “doctor” - an expert system (Biotech 3) designed to diagnose problems from information given by the user. The system will request more information if the diagnosis is unclear. Having determined a course of action, the kit will advise the user on techniques. The kit may be able to concoct a specific antidote to a toxin (make a Biotech Skill Test against the toxin’s rating), thereby canceling the toxin’s effects. Medkits are not infallible, and a standard waiver of liability must be filed with the manufacturer upon purchase. Most models will advise users of their inability to supply proper treatment, as well as issuing reminders when their stocks of expendable materials are low. Supplies run out if a character gets a result of 1 on a 1D6 roll following a treatment.
Low-Light Binoculars:
Conceal: 5
Weight: 1kg
Cost: 300¥
Magnification: 50x
Notes: These flat, compact digital imagers produce high resolution at up to 50x magnification. Enhanced models can operate in lowlight or function thermographically.
Pocket Flashlight:
Conceal: 12
Weight: .1kg
Cost: 10¥
Sony HB500 Portacam:
Weight: 3.5kg
Cost: 1500¥ (used)
Notes: Picked up the camera for a steal. This small, compact, professional trideo camera can be carried (controls are built into the pistol grip) or mounted on a shoulder base and operated by a remote control unit.


Bike: Yamaha Rapier
Handling: 3/6
Speed: 195
Accel: 10
Body: 2
Armor: 0
Sig: 2
Autonav: 1
Pilot: --
Sensor: 0
Cargo: 1
Load: 40
Seating: 1
Cost: 14,200¥
Availability: 2/24 hrs
Street Index: 1
A fast street machine whose slick styling makes it a favorite with go-gangs.

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Cutter: Level 1: Street Medic
Lofty: Level 1: Dwarf Technician


Lifestyle: Low, 1 month prepaid




Leslie grew up in a Law Enforcement family. Her upbringing was comfortable. She was raised as a home-grown 100% human. No funny business. Her father served on the force, as did her mother. Her older brothers Sean and Kent served on the force as well. There wasn't a prouder day in the Kellian family when their youngest, Leslie had become a detective. And everything was going smoothly.

Her family is very purist in their views. They are proud to say that they have no meta blood in their family, thank you very much. No magic dabblers, and most importantly, no cyber enhancements. Honor has always been the first and foremost with Lone Star, keeping the streets safe.

But Leslie was hiding a secret from her family. When she had reached her crazy teen years she found out that she could do magic. It was neat, cool and something to secretly rebel with. She knew she'd be disowned or worse if they had ever found out, so she had managed to keep it secret, and she managed to study in secret, becoming quite good at it and very practiced in keeping it concealed. Then her world went to hell.

No one saw it coming. The nut came in unnoticed and unannounced, ranting something about how crooked Lone Star was and then he revealed his suicide vest, took a hostage as a shield and opened fire right there in the lobby. Leslie happened to be there, about to start her shift. There were quite a few people in the lobby, mainly citizens who were unarmed. Of course those on the force had weapons drawn and quickly put down again as he was in charge at that moment. And as typical, there wasn't a mage or anything else to be found when you needed it. Her older brother Sean tried to intervene and got shot in the leg for his trouble. Leslie swore it was pure reflex as she instantly reacted with throwing herself over Sean and rendered the thug unconscious with a well- placed spell that saved the day, but exposed her.

After it was all sorted out, her brother Sean was touted as the hero and when her father found out, her family disowned her for disgracing the good name of Kellian. Apparently, saving her own brother's life didn't mean anything. She was put on indefinite leave. (which basically means fired)

So after being cut off from the family, Leslie now scratches out a living running her own private investigation practice. She runs it out of her apartment to save on rent for actual premises. She also managed to find a good and slightly used camera at a local pawn with the money from her last case. At the moment it's the usual investigative crap -sneaking around after spouses and looking for the missing. It pays the bills. But she's always on the lookout for something big or exciting...

GM Update (can be modified, requires approval):

It was late. Later than usual when she received a call from a "Mr. Johnson". ~No one has ever called me with that name. How did they even know to do so? I'm not really in the market. But it could be exciting!~

"I am Mr. Johnson. I heard about your disgrace and indefinite leave. My condolances to you Miss Kellian. I called because I work for someone who is in need of a particular set of skills such as those you possess."

Leslie was't sure this was legitimate or not, but the thought of being bored for another day chasing down lost cats was wearing her down. Not only that, but rent needed to be paid soon and she was low on credits.

He started with the typical shadowrun business introduction she was so familiar with, but had yet to hear it directed to her, so her response surprised her a bit.

"Okay Mr. Johnson, I'm listening" was all she could bring herself to say.

"Good. Then you are interested in my offer. My employer thought you might." There was a brief pause on the line before he continued. "We need to meet as this line is not secure. Do you know where the Fortress of Solitude bar is located?"

"Yes, I've heard of it. Been in there a time or two." ~Why did I admit that? He doesn't know me~ she pondered.

"Good. Meet me there in one hour. Try not to be followed and wear that gold bracelet I saw you with a few days ago. I will find you." The line goes dead then, leaving Leslie to her own thoughts.

Leslie actually had to think about taking the job. ~Would it involve killing, breaking the law?~ She didn't know and hoped it did not. Finally, with just enough time to zip to the bar, she made her choice.

*  *  *

The "run," if that's what it was called, went smoothly. Much more smoothly that she expected. Almost too easy. Was it a test to see if she could pull something like that off? Was it designed to be easy because she was inexperienced? Maybe. She couldn't be sure.

The Mr. Johnson turned out to be a human male in his thirties. She could tell he was very good at what he did by the way he carried hiself. She also noted that he carried a pistol in the small of his back because it affected the way he sat. That was something her father had taught her.

Her father...disowned her. Funny how credits never erase bad memories. Though she had to admit that the very first run she went on more than paid rent and put food on her table.

*  *  *

That first run turned into another, and then another. Each one seemed a bit more difficult, but when each was over she had enough credits for rent and other bills with a bit left over for a few extras - something she hadn't had for a while. The best part...she didn't have to kill anyone and she didn't have to go beyond that "gray" area of the law even though, in the back of her mind, she knew she might have to at some point.

"Well" she started aloud, "it beats boredom and it is quite exciting at times."

*  *  *

On one particular run she was teamed up with Jack Knife (she knew it wasn't his real name), a bit of an eccentric human rigger. He was to pick her up, fly her in to the appointed location and drop her off. After a few minutes he was to come back and pick her up. That run came close to killing her, but Anton showed up just after she let a Mana Bolt go at the ork chasing her down. He had shot at her, but only managed to graze her left side just above her hip. It was the first time she felt such pain. Had she not slowed the ork down he would have overtaken her for sure. Jack Knife arrived and, to her dislike, but utter relief, put a few well- placed rounds into him and he dropped, not being able to take the kill shot - her kill shot.

Leslie was greatful for that save even though the death of that ork scarred her. She thanked Jack Knife for the assist while he patched her up.

"Be a bit of a scar, but not too obvious. Perhaps you can get a doc to remove it sometime." Anton dropped her off at the designated location, bidding her the best of luck and informing her that they would meet again.

*  *  *

Surprising enough, Jack Knife and Leslie did in fact meet again. This time however, there was another female human along for the ride. The name she gave was Nephthys and was recommended by their Mr. Johnson. She had long, very fine, metallic black hair with natural blue eyes. Her skin was a bit pale, but normal for someone working mostly at night as she seemed to do. It could also be that she bleached her skin. That really didn't matter though. What did was the fact that she seemed to hide immense wisdom behind her blue eyes. ~Lots of runs~ Leslie thought as she was introduced as Lady Links by Mr. Johnson.

The run was a Hunt and Capture type with the "prey" to be taken alive with as little damage as possible. Right up Leslie's alley. She even let out a barely audible sigh when the information was shared, which she hoped no one noticed.

That run, though a bit longer than all the others, seemed the most interesting. They had to cross into the CAS in order hunt down and capture their target who just happened to be an ork. He was running from a debt he couldn't, or wouldn't pay. Nephthys wasn't a talker, but she was nice when she did talk. Once we crossed the border she became all business though.

Two days later four were coming across the border (three went in) with the ork in tow...literally. Nephthys had made a carry with branches from a tree. He was tied to it, which he didn't like, but he survived to be turned in to Mr. Johnson and two other individuals she had never seen before. All that work netted her two months rent and plenty extra. Leslie celebrated by buying a new spell - Sleep.

*  *  *

Later, in late November the trio was introduced to Icarus - a male elf, Boomer - another male elf and Rhonda - a female human. They went on a run that required the capture on an executive and a long wait in a safe house while certain negotiations happened for his release. The ransom was paid after a day or two and the exec was released in an alley where he could be found after a short time. Lady Links had to knock out the exec after he tried to escape during the course of the run. He didn't make it past the spot she was sitting at. The only damage done to anyone was a boredom. They were each paid well.

The group went on two additional runs together and they proved, without a doubt, that they worked well together. Even Mr. Johnson found that working with them became easier. Leslie noted the same. She felt more secure now that she had found a group she could rely on during runs. She had high hopes that this cohesive team would remain, but the shadows always had the last say...