Updated: 2/1/16

Anton Disel
Vehicle Rigger

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Race: Human
Gender: Male
Name: Anton Disel [spelling?]
Aliases: Jack Knife, War Daddy
Height: 1.702 meters
Weight: 85kg
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: ?
DOB: ?
Place of Birth: London England; currently lives in Seattle


Body: 4
Quickness: 5
Strength: 3
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 4
Essence: 1.16
Magic: 0
Reaction: 5(11)
Initiative: 5(11) +1D6(+3D6)
  Combat Pool: 7
  Control Pool: 11
  Karma Pool: 1
  Good Karma: 10

Active Skills

Pistols: 3
Submachine Gun: 3
Gunnery: 4
Car: 4
Car B/R: 3
Rotorcraft: 4
Motor Boat: 3
Small-Unit Tactics: 3
Etiquette: 4
Wilderness Survival: 3
Electronics: 3
Biotech: 3

Knowledge Skills

Arms Dealers: 3
NAN Border Patrol Tactics: 3
LoneStar Tactics: 3
Smuggler Havens: 4
Smuggler Routes: 3
Desert Wars: 2
Music: 2
Cuisine: 2
Navigation: 3


English: 3
  Read/Write: 1
Cheyenne: 2
  Read/Write: 1
Cherokee: 2
  Read/Write: 1

Edges & Flaws



Street Cred: 0
Total Karma earned/10, rounding normally
Notoriety: 0
See MJLBB p.120 for details.
Public Awareness: 0
20 - Street Cred and Notoriety


Vehicle Control Rig: Rating 3 [Alphaware: x.8]
Reaction Bonus: +6 (+3D6)
Essence: 4
Cost: None (paid for by military unit) Notes: This device consists of neuro-enhancers and muscular signal transference (MST) interfaces. Each level adds +2 to the user’s Reaction and +1D6 Initiative dice while rigging. Vehicles must be equipped with vehicle control gear in order for a rigging character to use them. VCRs also allow users to default to Reaction for any Vehicle Skill at a +2 modifier, as opposed to the usual +4.

Datajack (L3): [Alphaware: x.8]
Essence: .16
Cost: 4000¥
Notes: The almost-universal mark of the cyber-conscious user, standard datajacks allow input and output to certain pieces of cyberware and gear. Datajacks allow the user to cybernetically interface with properly equipped gear such as cyberdecks, remote-control decks and vehicles with datajack ports, so that the user can manipulate them, issue commands and so forth.

Datajacks allow the user to mentally access headware memory. Contents of softs can also be downloaded into headware memory through a datajack.

Knowsofts cannot be accessed through a datajack without a knowsoft link.
Datasofts cannot be accessed without a display or image link.
Activesofts cannot be accessed without skillwires.

Data fed into a datajack (from a cyberdeck, tridlinked cybercam, vehicle and so on) can in turn be fed into a display link, image link or headware memory.

Deckers usually implant datajacks in their temples to access higher-brain functions, while riggers usually have them behind and below the ears, where they access the submandibular glands and lower brain. It is not unusual for some people to have more than one datajack.

Chipjack, Multi-Socket (4): [Alphaware: x.8]
Essence: .28
Cost: 8000¥
Notes: This specialized type of datajack allows the user to mentally access datasofts and knowsofts. If the user also has skillwires, he or she can also access activesofts. Only one chip can be used in a chipjack at a time, though a user can have more than one chipjack.

Smakrtlink II: [Alphaware: x.8]
Essence: .4
Cost: 6400¥
Notes: Characters with smartlink cyberware and a properly equipped smart-weapon (see p. 281) receive a –2 modifier to the target number. A smartlink is the feedback loop circuitry necessary to take full advantage of a smartgun. Targeting information appears on the user’s retina or cybereye as a small dot or cross hairs that corresponds to the smartweapon’s current line of fire. Typical systems use a subdermal induction pad in the user’s palm to link with the smartgun.
When using a Smartlink-2, apply only a +2 Called Shot modifier (rather than the usual +4). Also apply a -1 modifier for linked weapons such as under-barrel grenade launchers, grnade guns rocket launchers and similar systems.
Missile launchers and other systems with an inherent Intelligence Rating cannot benefit from a smartlink system.
Smartlink-2 systems only work with guns that are smartlink-2 equipped.


Ares Predator III:
Conceal: 4(6)(4)
Ammo: 15 (c)
Mode: SA
Damage: 6M
Range: 0-5/6-20/21-40/41-60
Weight: 2.25kg
Cost: 650¥
Accessories: Silencer. Weight: .2kg, Cost: 500¥
Extra Ammo: 6 x 15 round clips (strd rounds), Weight: .75kg each (empty)
Quick-Draw Concealable Holster: Adds +2 to the Concealability Rating of the weapon and changes the drawing of the weapon from a Complex Action to a Simple Action. Wt: .1kg
Licenses: Legal and concealed carry
Notes: Comes with an internal Smartlink-2 System (M&M, p.31). This feature is useless without a SmartLink System installed in the user.

H and K G12A3z:
Conceal: 2(4)
Ammo: 32 (c)
Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 8M
Range: 0-50/51-150/151-350/351-550
Weight: 5.25kg
Cost: 2200¥
Extra Ammo: 10 x 32 round Clips (strd rounds), Weight: .75kg each (empty)
Notes: Lighter and less bulky and equipped with an integral top-mounted laser sight, telescoping shoulder stock and a barrel-mounted gas-vent 2 system that provides 2 points of recoil reduction. The G12 can also be equipped with an under-barrel grenade launcher that reduces Concealability by 1.

H and K 227S:
Conceal: 5(3)
Ammo: 28(c)
Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 7M
Range: 0-50/51-150/151-350/351-550
Weight: 3kg
Cost: 1200¥
Accessories: Sound Supressor. Weight: .5kg, Cost: 750¥
Extra Ammo: 10x 28 round Clips (strd rounds), Weight: .75kg each (empty) Notes: This gun is the SMG of choice for many corporate and military security forces. The standard model boasts a retractable stock that provides 1 point of recoil compensation, integral laser sights (underbarrel mount), and a Rating 2 gasvent recoil compensation system (barrel mount). The S variant, popular with corporate strike teams and special forces, substitutes an integral sound suppressor for the recoil system.

Combat Axe: SR3 p.275
Conceal: 2
Reach: +2
Damage: (STR)S
Damage: Thrusting Point: (STR+2)L
Weight: 2kg
Cost: 750¥
Notes: Will not dull. Comes with a spring-loaded thrusting point concealed in the handle.

Combat Knife:
Conceal: 8
Damage: (STR)L
Weight: .5kg
Cost: 50¥


Form Fitting Full Body Suit:
Conceal: 12
Ballistic: 4
Impact: 1
Weight: 1.25kg
Cost: 2000¥
Notes: Using advanced synthetic materials that breathe and stretch with the body, form-fitting body armor is custom- tailored to the body of each individual. Each set is unique, contored for a specific body shape so that there are no gaps or folds. This armor comes in three versions: shirt, half-body suit and full-body suit. The full-body suit covers the entire body, including the extremities, and comes with gloves, slippers and a hood. Form-fitting armor can be worn with other armor but does not affect a character when calculating penalties for Combat Pool loss (SR3, p. 285).


Combat Vest:
Conceal: None
Weight: .1kg
Cost: 200¥
Notes: A Combat Vest is a coustom-designed vest made for attachingequipment and ammunition pouches for ready access. These vests possess 12 harness slots and may not be worn in conjunction with security or military grade armor.
HK G12A3z sling
HK 227-S sling
2 concealed carry holsters
Vehicle Kit: Conceal: 3, Weight: 5kg, Cost: 1000¥
Electronic Microtronics Kit: Conceal: 3, Weight: 5kg, Cost: 1500¥
Web Gear: includes a pistol holster, 6 ammo pouches, 2 water bottles
Handset Cell Phones (6): burn phones
Handset Cell Phone:
Sleeping Bags (x2): with bivy bag (1x summer 1x winter)
Sleeping Mat:
Canteen and Mess Kit:
Large Military Rucksack:
Rappelling Gloves:
Medkit: Level 4: It includes drug supplies, bandages, tools and even a “doctor” -an expert system (Biotech 4) designed to diagnose problems from information given by the user. The system will request more information if the diagnosis is unclear. Having determined a course of action, the kit will advise the user on techniques. The kit may be able to concoct a specific antidote to a toxin (make a Biotech Skill Test against the toxin’s rating), thereby canceling the toxin’s effects. Medkits are not infallible, and a standard waiver of liability must be filed with the manufacturer upon purchase. Most models will advise users of their inability to supply proper treatment, as well as issuing reminders when their stocks of expendable materials are low. Supplies run out if a character gets a result of 1 on a 1D6 roll following a treatment. Weight: 1kg, Cost: 100¥
Survival Kit: This rugged bag contains a useful assortment of stuff: flares, small utility knife, lighter, matches, compass, lightweight thermal blanket, several days’ worth of ration bars (15 days, Cost: 30¥), a water-purification unit, a filter mask and any other gear the gamemaster and players think appropriate. Weight: 3 kg, Cost: 100¥
Olive Drab Flight suit
2 Business suits Black
4 White Business shirts
4 Ties
2 pairs of Black leather shoes
1 Leather jacket Bomber style - Black
1 Gray leather trench coat (Faded)
3 pairs of combat boots
3 sets cammo clothing (shirts, trousers and jacket)
3 sets casual clothes – non-descript (shirts, trousers, jackets)
2 sets casual clothes - dress (shirts, trousers, jacket)
2 sets overalls - Tan
Life Jacket - Olive Drab
Fireproof underwear (that's fun to wear!)


Black Shadow Mariah:
Handling: 4/6
Speed: 100
Acceleration: 4
Body: 4
Armor: 4
Signature: 2
AutoNav: 2
Sensor: 0
Cargo: 50
Load: 1255
Seating: 2 + 1b
Entry: 2d + 1x
Fuel: D (95 l)
Economy: 4km/l
Chassy: Van
Cost: 100,000¥
Notes: Van Features: Drone Bay, Drone rigger station, Decker work area, Autoinflate Tires
Securty System: Encrypted to VCG or certain fingerprints to be able to make the vehicle start. Armored and bullet proof glass (APPS) to protect passenges from small arms fire.
Color: Black

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Mercury Monterey:
Handling: 4/8
Speed: 105
Acceleration: 8
Body: 3
Armor: 1
Signature: 2
AutoNav: 2
Sensor: 1
Cargo: 12
Load: 110
Seating: 2 + 1b
Entry: 2d + 1t
Chassy: Sedan
Cost: 35,000¥
Notes: Autoinflate Tires, APPS
Securty System: Encrypted to VCG or certain fingerprints to be able to make the vehicle start. Armored and bulletproof (APPS) - Used to protect passenges from small arms fire.
Color: Black

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Lykan Hyper Sport:
Handling: 3/8
Speed: 240
Acceleration: 14
Body: 3
Armor: 0
Signature: 1
AutoNav: 3
Sensor: 1
Cargo: 5
Load: 45
Seating: 2b + 1t
Entry: 2 + 1t
Chassy: Race Car
Cost: 155,000¥
Notes: Autoinflate Tires, APPS, VCG, Morphing License Plate (Rigger3, p.100) with a Transponder and Transponder Library Chip (Rigger3, p.15,17,100)
Color: Black

Securty System: Encrypted to VCR or certain fingerprints to be able to make the vehicle start. Armored and bulletproof (APPS) - Used to protect passenges from small arms fire.

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Hughes Heavily Modified DW WK-2 Stallion:
Handling: 6 (repaired is 5)
Speed: 150 (repaired is 190)
Accel: 10 (repaired is 14)
Body: 3 (repaired is 4)
Hardpoints: 2 (repaired is 4, one non-functional until Body repaired)
Armor: 4 (repaired is 6)
Signature: 1
Auto: 2 (repaired is 3)
Sensor: 1
Cargo: 60 (46: due to HPs)
Load: 1100 (900: due to HPs)
Seating: 2 + 1b + 2t (Decker & Drone Stations)
Entry: 4d
Fuel: Jet (1500 l)
Econ: .2 km/l
Chassis: Utility Helicopter
Color: Black
Cost: 280,000¥ (used), 410,000¥ (new or fully repaired)
Notes: Vehicle Control Gear: 2500¥. Decker Satlink Control Station: allows a Decker to connect to the Matrix via Satellite Link, Drone Work Station: can accommodate up to a mediun-sized drone, spare parts and maintenance tools. Weapons Kit: Conceal: 3, Weight: 5, Cost: 1000¥. Electronics Kit: Conceal: 3, Weight: 5, Cost: 1500¥.

Small Turret (2)
CF: 7 (14)
Load: 100kg (200kg)
Cost: 7,500¥ (15,000¥)
Hardpoints Required: 2 (4)
Weapon Value: 3 (6)
Internal Space: 2 CF (4 CF)
Weapon Mounted: Vindicator Minigun
MG Weapon Value: 2 (4)
Round Capacity: 2000 (4000)
Notes: Turrets reduce recoil by half before applying and accessories. Turrets also cancel the double-recoil modifier for heavy weapons. Turrets are manually operated. Manual Gunnery Modifiers Table: SR3 p.153. Sensor-Enhanced Gunnery Modifiers Table: SR3 p.154.

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Otto Bahn: Level 2: Dwarf Tech
Otto’s is an old friend and tech wiz who can build and repair almost anything. Conspiracy junky and a gourmet chef.
Otto helps builds and Maintain Anton’s vehicles he has build a build and repair facility in a disused building, he can be either found there or at McGinty’s.

Bambi: Level 2: Troll Mercenary
Sister of Thumper.
Bambi served with Anton for 5 years whilst he was working for Raynor McCarron, she was close friends with Anton’s wife Danni, in fact Bambi gave Anton the nickname “War Daddy” when his Daughter Kelly was born. When Kelly was born Anton and Danni asked if Bambi would be her god mother.
Bambi Can be found hanging out at MGintys Bar were she works tending Bar.
In addition to being trained in the use of crew served weapons Bambi is a qualified Combat medic.

Thumper: Level 2: Troll Mercenary
Brother of Bambi
Thumper served as Anton’s door Gunners for 5 years whilst he worked for Raynor McCarron. Thumper can be found hanging out at McGinty’s Bar were he works as a bouncer.
In addition to being trained in the use of crew served weapons Thumper is a qualified mechanic.

Chaz Prescott: Level 2: Human Information Broker
Chaz has an office in downtown Seattle; he also spends his time at the very Exclusive Heritage club. Chaz is a bit of a social climber he spent years developing his contacts in all layers of society.
Anton dated Chaz’z sister Marie on and off before he married Danni. In fact Chaz and Marie introduced Anton to Danni Raynor McCarron’s. Chaz and Marie helped Anton to grieve when he lost his wife, daughter and unborn baby.

Raynor McCarron: Level 1: Elf Mercenary
Anton served under Raynor McCarron commander of a rough and ready mercenary unit McCarrons Armored Cavalry for six years. He McCarrons daughter Danni after a whirlwind romance they were married two years later his daughter Kelly was born.
A few years later Danni and Kelly were killed in a Car accident; Anton and Danni were expecting the second child at the time of her death.

Lynch: Level 1: Human Corporate Stooge
Anton has done some work for him in the past he doesn’t entirely trust Lynch. So he is a bit wary of him. Lynch conducts his business out of a shady tavern called Kadies.

Ice Pick: Level 1: Mafia Under Boss
AKA Salvadore (Sallie) Gennaro
Ice pick can be found at Munafo's restaurant he conducts his business in the back room.
Anton was friends with Icepick’s son; he pulled him out of quite a few scrapes over a 6 year period. Unfortunately Icepick’s son was killed in action. Anton risked his life and career to bring Icepick’s son’s body home.
Ice pick owes him a couple of favors which he can call in anytime with no obligation to do a favor in return.

Lord Nikon: Level 1: Human Combat Decker
AKA Paul Cook
Anton Knows Lord Nikon through his friend Otto, he is a conspiracy junky like Otto and they spend there time looking into stuff they shouldn’t. He is also a talented gourmet chef. He has eclectic musical taste one of his favorite styles is classical music. Both Otto and Nikon can be found at there favorite bar McGinty's or at Otto’s Place.

Jerry Lee “The Killer”: Level 1: Dwarf Drone Rigger
Anton Knows Jerry through his Half-brother William.
He got the name because his father was a big fan of Jerry Lee Lewis the American singer-songwriter, musician and pianist. Rock & roll's first great wild man, he was known as the killer, which is where Jerry the rigger gets his street name from.
He is known for play “great balls of fire” on the piano and it’s quite a spectacle at McGinty's bar even though it’s an Irish bar.

Doc: Level 1: Human Bartender
AKA Cardoc McGinty
Doc owns Mcgintys bar. It’s been in his family for 20 years, a relic of the prohabition days, with a hidden speak easy located on the premises. The exsistance of the speak easy is known only to a select few. Doc has both toretts syndrome and he stutters.
Anton has known doc for about 5 years and became fast friends with doc.

Toolbox: Level 1: Human Arms Dealer
Name changes all the time.
Anton has had some dealing with him in the past but nothing recent; he is only contactable via encrypted phone.


Lifestyle: Low: 12 months prepaid.




Born in London England, British mother, American father.

Anton's parents meet and hit it off got married had a baby, that's when life threw them a curve ball: his mother's career took off and she got a big promotion at work. She was never home and that led to a rift between his father and mother and, after three years of marriage they got divorced. After the divorce the court gave custody to his mother.

Anton's mother remarried two years later. A year after that she gave birth to twins: a sister and brother.

As time went on his father's personality changed, turning the loving father he knew into the abusive monster who beat Anton, his siblings and mother on a regular basis.

Just five weeks after his seventeenth birthday Anton joined the British Army as a driver in the Royal Corps of Transportation. Three years later he had achieved the rank of corporal. His Company Commander suggested that he become an officer. Anton took some time to consider it and decided to go for it. One year later he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and returned to his unit as a troop commander.

His biological father returned to Boston, remarried and became a father of three. He opened his own auto repair shop in which his brother and two sisters help run. Anton reconnected with his father once he got out from under his abusive step father's house.

His mother has a stroke and dies 6 months later while Anton is on an operation and after step father beats his brother and sister and kicks them out of the house.

Anton's real father remarries and has three children: 2 boys and a girl. The youngest Anton reconnects with at some point [TBA].

Graduated from Sandhurst as a Second Lieutenant, Anton posts back to a different company as a Troop Commander. After three years of sterling service he is promoted to Lieutenant.

Anton applied for special boat squadron selection and was accepted after passing the entrance exam. He entered the secretive unit as a Troop Commander. When the SBS merged with the special air service he wound up becoming a troop commander within the newly formed mobility unit that specializes in vehicular warfare by land, sea and air.

After 5 years of service Anton attained the rank of Captain and assumed the role of Second in Command. He was promoted to Major 3 Years later and became the Unit Commander. He ran the unit for another 5 years and was then caught in the fallout of a unofficial operation that went wrong. The details will never see the light of day and, as a result, he was given the opportunity to resign his commission for the good of the regiment or face court martial.

He chose to resign.

During his career he met Raynor McCarron who had tried to recruit him few years back, but Anton politely refused. Raynor must have had some pretty impressive connections and within a month Anton had signed up with McCarron's armored Cavalry.

Anton met McCarron's daughter Danni. They started dating and were married. Two years later their daughter Kelly was born. Kelly had just had her fourth birthday when tragically, both were killed by a drunk driver. Anton took their deaths pretty hard and disappeared for almost two years.

In the two year hiatus he reconnected with his brother and sister in England and his two brothers and sister in Seattle.

The Anton Rules

1. "The deal is the deal" - cannot be renegotiated
2. "No names"
3. "Never open the package"
4. "Never make a promise you can't keep"

GM Update (can be modified, requires approval):

On one particular run Jack Knife was teamed up with Lady Links (he knew it wasn't her real name), a reluctant human mage and former Lonestar Agent. He picked her up, flew her into the compound and dropped her off. After a few minutes he came back and picked her up. That run came close to killing her, but Anton showed up just after she let a Mana Bolt go at the ork chasing her down. He had shot at her, but only managed to graze her left side just above her hip. Had she not slowed the ork down he would have overtaken her for sure. Anton arrived and put a few well-placed rounds into him and he dropped, not being able to take the shot that would have likely killed Lady Links.

Lady Links was greatful for that save even though the death of that ork really seemed to bother her. She thanked Jack Knife for the assist while he patched her up.

"Be a bit of a scar, but not too obvious. Perhaps you can get a doc to remove it sometime." Anton dropped her off at the designated location, bidding her the best of luck and informing her that they would meet again.

*  *  *

Surprising enough, Anton and Lady Links did in fact meet again. This time however, there was another female human along for the ride. The name she gave was Nephthys and was recommended by their Mr. Johnson. She had long, very fine, metallic black hair with natural blue eyes. Her skin was a bit pale, but normal for someone working mostly at night as she seemed to do. It could also be that she bleached her skin. That really didn't matter though. What did was the fact that she seemed to hide immense wisdom behind her blue eyes. ~Lots of encounters~ Anton thought as he was introduced as Jack Knife to Nephthys by Mr. Johnson.

The run was a Hunt and Capture type with the "prey" to be taken alive with as little damage as possible. He didn't mind a live one now and then. He just hoped it wouldn't turn into something worse.

*  *  *

That run, though a bit longer than all the others, was certainly the most interesting thus far. The three of them had to cross into the CAS in order to hunt down and capture their target who just happened to be an ork. He was running from a debt he couldn't, or wouldn't, pay. Nephthys wasn't a talker, but she was nice when she did talk. Once they crossed the border she became all business though. She was a no-nonsense kinda gal. Anton liked that about her, but wasn't sure he could trust her...yet.

Three days later four were coming across the border where three went in with the elusive ork in tow...literally. Nephthys had made a carry with branches from a tree. He was tied to it, which he didn't like, but he survived to be turned in to Mr. Johnson and two other individuals he had never seen before. All that work netted him two months rent and plenty extra. Some repair money was nice to have once in a while.

*  *  *

Anton has been the "go to" rigger for several runs that have been arranged through various contacts of his own and fron several others he has worked with. So far, he has made a run with Icarus, Boomer, Lady Links and even Nephthys who thoroughly intrigues him. The only two seemingly new to the shadows is Boomer and Lady Links, as they have shown a lack of experience. However, they are learning quickly and have been able to get the group out of a few tight spots.

*  *  *

Later, in late November the five of them were introduced to Rhonda - a female human. The six of them went on a run that required the capture on an executive and a long wait in a safe house while certain negotiations happened for his release. The ransom was paid after a day or two and the exec was released in an alley where he could be found after a short time. Lady Links had to knock out the exec after he tried to escape during the course of the run. He didn't make it past the spot she was sitting at. The only damage done to anyone was a boredom. They were each paid well.

The group went on two additional runs together and they proved, without a doubt, that they worked well together. Even Mr. Johnson found that working with them became easier. Anton noted the same. He felt more secure now that he had found a group he could rely on during runs. He had high hopes that this cohesive team would remain, but the shadows always had the last say...