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Caron Adelaide Valois-Sarangrave
Monster Hunter

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Race: Human
Gender: Female
Name: Caron Adelaide Valois-Sarangrave
Alias(es): Nephthys
Height: 1.8 meters
Weight: 55kg
Hair: Very fine, metallic black strands
Eyes: Natural Blue
Age: Early/Mid Twenties (Date unknown til campaign Early/setting revealed)
DOB: Early/Mid Twenties (Date unknown til campaign Early/setting revealed)
Place of Birth: Wilds of UCAS/NAN


Body: 4
Quickness: 4(7)
Strength: 3(4)
Charisma: 4(5)
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 6
Essence: 6
Magic: 6
Reaction: 5(6)
Initiative: 5(6) +1D6(+3D6)
Astral Initiative: 26 +1D6
  Combat Pool: 9
  Astral Combat Pool: 8
  Spell Pool: 6
  Karma Pool: 1
  Good Karma: 10
Move: 28 (Base x 4)

Active Skills

Conjuring: 6
Sorcery: 6
Submachine Gun: 4
Tai Chi Ch'uan: 4 *
Learned Maneuvers:
Aura Reading: 4

* Martial Arts: Tai Chi Ch'uan

Advantages: Tai Chi Ch'uan students require only a Simple Action to use the Focus Will or Focus Strength maneuvers.
Disadvantages: Characters using Tai Chi Ch'uan suffer -2 die when using the Charging option.
Maneuvers: Blind Fighting, Evasion, Focus Strength, Focus Will, Herding, Kip-up, Sweep, Throw, Whirling

Knowledge Skills

Ettiquette (Magical): 2(4)
Intimidation: 4
Greater Seattle Area: 4
Elven Society: 4
Magic: 4
Paranormal Animals: 5
Navigation(Land): 4(6)
Vocation: Combat Mage: 6


English: 5
  Read/Write: 2
French: 4
  Read/Write: 2

Edges & Flaws

Good Looking and Knows It: TN -2 for social interactions with the opposite gender, -1 with the own gender. (src.27) +1
Sense of Direction: Character always knows where north lies, can retrace steps and never gets lost. (src.24) +1
Retractable fingernails 'Claws': Fingernails extend and are incredibly hard (STR +1)L if used to strike in combat +3
Distinctive Style: Plays up the 'Vamp/Goth scene look -1
Pointed Ears: Gain elf like ears (YotC.140) -1
Biorejection (Magically Active): Character's immune system rejects any cyberware or bioware. Any organ or limb replacement must be cloned from the character's very own cells.|src.19 -2
Unusual Hair : Hair grows in either unusual places or colors (YotC.) -1

Natural Abilities

+3 Quickness, +1 Strength, +1 Charisma: Dhamphyrs are fast and seductive, but their racial bond to the undead impedes their mortal vigor.
Fast Speed: Dhampirs have a base speed of Quickness x4 (when running or otherwise moving quickly) (Humans have Quickness x3).
Senses: Low-light vision and darkvision 30 meters.
Manipulative: +2 bonus to Con, Intimidate and Persuasion.
Negative Energy Affinity: Though a living creature, a dhamphyr reacts to positive and negative energy as if it were undead—positive energy harms it, while negative energy heals it. Example: A Heal spell used on a dhamphyr will damage it, where as a Manabolt will heal it.
Languages: Dhamphyrs begin with whatever language they learned in early life. Those with high Intelligence scores can choose any language they want.
Dayborn: All dhamphyrs were born as if in the day. Because of this their blood has weaker ties to their undead bloodline than others of their kind such that they are unhindered by daylight and lose the Light Sensitivity Flaw.
Fangs: A dhamphyr always inherits his or her father's lengthy canines. Whenever the dhamphyr makes a grapple combat maneuver test to damage an opponent, (s)he can choose to bite his/her opponent, dealing (Strength)L damage. As a standard action, the dhamphyr can bite a creature that is bound, helpless, paralyzed, or similarly unable to defend itself.
Vampiric Empathy: Though dhamphyrs often relate poorly to humanoids, some share an affinity with baser creatures. These dhamphyrs gain the ability to communicate with bats, rats, and wolves as if under the effects of a Speak with Animals Spell/Power. In addition, they gain a +2 dice bonus on Ettiquete tests when dealing with these animals. Whenever an exchange is initiated, animals begin with a starting attitude of indifferent. This is a supernatural ability.
Vampiric Regeneration: Though a dhamphyr regenerates, they do so less quickly than a standard vampire.
A dhamphyr, like a vampire, cannot be killed by any damage except that which injures the spine or brain. Check for this type of damage whenever a dhamphyr takes Deadly damage or its cumulative damage reaches Deadly on the condition monitor. To determine whether a dhamphyr dies from Deadly damage, roll 1D6. A result of 1 or 2 indicates that the dhamphyr is indeed dead. If the damage is from weapons that cause massive tissue damage (fire, an explosion, and so on), the dhamphyr dies on a result of 1, 2 or 3. For any other result, the creature suffers the standard damage penalties for the Combat Turn in which the damage was inflicted, but the damage is reduced one level at the beginning of every other Combat Turn. If the dhamphyr does not take additional damage it will regenerate again to the next level is two rounds.
Example: A dhamphyr takes a Serious wound in the first round of combat. At the beginning of the 3rd round it is at Moderate damage. By the end of the 5th round it takes no additional damage so the initial damage is reduced to Light and will be fully healed at the beginning of the 7th round. This process works even at Deadly damage if a 1 or 2 is not rolled. The dhamphyr will be conscious at the beginning of the 3rd round and at Serious wound level.
Weapon foci can permanently slay dhamphyr with this power. If a regenerating dhamphyr takes Deadly damage from a weapon focus, or damage from a weapon focus pushes the dhamphyr into the Deadly range on the condition monitor, the dhamphyr must make an Essence Test with a target number equal to twice the Force of the focus. If the dhamphyr achieves no successes on this test, it dies. Even one success allows the dhamphyr to make a Regeneration Test.


Street Cred: 0
Total Karma earned/10, rounding normally
Notoriety: 0
See MJLBB p.120 for details.
Public Awareness: 0
20 - Street Cred and Notoriety


Increase Reflexes +2:
Force: 3
Type: Mana
Target: Reaction
Duration: Sustained
Drain: +1(D) or 4D
Force: 5
Force: 5
Lighting Bolt:
Force: 5
Death Touch:
Force: 4

Magical Gear

Sustaining Focus 3:
Spell: Increased Reflexes +2D
Note 1: A ring, worn on her left hand ring finger, under her long gloves that she favors. A simple hematite band that looks nice and is metallic grey/silver, a tough stone ring.
Note 2: This spell increases the Initiative dice of a voluntary target. If the spell is successful, the subject’s Initiative dice are increased by the amount indicated for the spell (+1, +2, or +3). There is no cyberware version of this spell, so characters that have cybernetic enhancements that add Reaction or Initiative dice (like wired reflexes) cannot be boosted by this spell. Increase Reflexes is not compatible with any other type of increase to a subject’s Initiative dice, including the adept power of Improved Reflexes.
Elemental Conjuring Materials:
Force: 5



Heckler & Koch HK227 SMG:
Conceal: 4 (6)
Ammunition: 28(c)
Mode: SA/BF/FA
Damage: 7M
Weight: 4kg
Cost: 1500¥
Extra Ammo: 2 clips, standard rnds
Notes: This gun is the SMG of choice for many corporate and military security forces. The standard model boasts a retractable stock that provides 1 point of recoil compensation, integral laser sights (underbarrel mount), and a Rating 2 gas-vent recoil compensation system (barrel mount).
Quick-Draw Concealable Holster: Cost: 150¥. Wt: .1kg. Adds +2 to the Concealability
Rating of the weapon and changes the drawing of the weapon from a Complex Action to a Simple Action.

Shock Gloves:
Conceal: 9
Damage: (STR – 1)M Stun +7S Stun
Weight: .5kg
Cost: 950¥
Notes: Insulated plas-fabric gloves with a wire-mesh covering. When triggered by impact, mounted capacitors discharge an electric current. When striking with shock gloves, fist damage is reduced to (STR –1)M, but the gloves deliver an extra 7S Stun (see Shock Weapons, p. 124 of the Combat section). Can be discharged 8 times before requiring a 1-hour recharge.
Note: Built inside a custom pair of long, Opera style gloves made of leather (See Picture).


Secure Long Coat:
Conceal: 10 (15)
Ballistic: 4
Impact: 2
Weight: 2kg
Cost: 650¥
Notes: The Securetech long coat adds +50 percent to the Concealability of any weapon hidden under it.

Form-Fitting Half Body Suit:
Conceal: 13
Ballistic: 3
Impact: 1
Weight: 1kg
Cost: 1000¥


Wrist Phone w/ Flip-Up Screen:
Conceal: 8
Cost: 150¥
Notes: Phone service is usually limited to a specific sprawl, though a user can merely register that she is “roaming” and her service will be available in other sprawlzones. Because cellphones broadcast and receive, they are subject to electromagnetic distortions and jamming. For these purposes, consider all cell phones to have a Device Rating of 2. Decking cannot be done over cellular frequencies.

Low-Light & Thermal Imaging
Conceal: 6
Magnification: x20
Cost: 5400¥

Conceal: 10
Rating: 4
Cost: 4000¥
Notes: These units feature a mini-throat mike (taped to the neck), an earpiece and a transceiver module (worn on a belt or carried in a pocket). Most models in 2060 feature wireless components and transceive on preselected frequencies that can be programmed in. Each unit can accept up to Rating x 2 programmed frequencies at a time.
Broadband Encryption: Cost: 4000¥. Each signal transmitted by such a system is only receivable by a system with the proper decoding equipment. In other words, your teammate has to have the same encryption you do in order for you to send and receive from each other. The strength of the code is determined by the Encryption Rating. Encryption reduces a device’s Flux Rating by 0.5.

Pocket Secretary:
Conceal: 8
Weight: .5kg
Cost: 2000¥
Notes: The compact unit functions as a cellular phone, a computer (100 Mp), digital camera and filing system. Standard software performs call screening, answering-machine functions, automatic teleconfirmation of credit transactions, word processing with standard letters on file and stenographer functions. Pocket secretaries are not equipped for jacking into the Matrix. Cases are shock- and water-resistant for durability and long service.

DocWagon Basic Service: On payment


Mrs Yeoh: Level 2: Talismonger, 'Stygian Lotus' Apothecary
Race/Desc: Chinese Human. A chinese woman of noble bearing and indeterminate age, Mrs Yeoh deals in the small requirements often sought by the workers of magic. For a fee, she will also find things of a more esoteric bent, and as an aside, has access to one of the more prolific non standard herb gardens in the UCAS/NAN region.
History/Relationships: A long standing associate and trusted ally, Caron has helped Mrs Yeoh out on a number of occassions, and been helped in return.

Adaline Montgomery: Level 1: Mr Johnson, NAN Human - Officer of the Court/ Bail Bondsman
Race/Description: Adaline works within the UCAS and NAN jurisdictions, serving as Bail Bondman to the Courts of both, and sanctioned Hunter of those in forfiet of their warrants.
However, rather than chase them down herself, Adaline uses Deputies that are sanctioned by the Courts to pursue, apprehend, and return those in flight from Justice.
This is where Caron met her, and continues to take on the occassional job on her behalf.

Lord Enias Copperfield: Level 1: Tir Noble, Magical, Fixer, Council Island, Seattle
Race/Description: Tir Elf Noble. Almost a stereotype, Lord Enias Copperfield lives up to his races reputation in looks, behaviors and attitudes. Coming from Tir NaNog however, means he does have access to certain items, for the right price... and to those deserving, of course.
History/Relationships: Working as a Diplomatic envoy between the Seattle Region and the Tir, Enais has grown bored with the endless grind of 'liaising', and has taken to a little 'under the table' work with a few individuals. A friend of her mothers (Enias was one of the original funders of her expeditions those many years ago), Caron has 'fallen in to his circle' as somewhat of a friend of the family, though not as closely as her sister. Caron has done work tracking down an occassional errant individual on Enias behalf, and has a solid working relationship with him.



Lifestyle: Middle - Downtown, Seattle

Seattle Underground, Downtown, Seattle (UCAS) Area: B-Middle, Isolated from Matrix Comforts: Middle, Entertainment: Middle, Furnishings: Low, Security: High, Spc: High, Retasked uderground building from the 1889 Fire and susequent rebuild.

Contract End: 03/63 (Though there is no 'contract' for the underground location she occupies, Caron pays rent for access to a sub basement of the Tube Motel above, which grants access to a reopened and refurbished Goods elevator/Ladderway to the buried city below.)

Minimally furnished, but still adequate for living, Carons only concession to modern entertainment are the large, floor to cieling, Tri-D's that line one wall (Which she uses to project day or night natural vistas such as desert scenes, Forest or jungle waterfalls and arboreals, Snow capped mountains, etc.)

The only ways down into her 'Lair' are through the secure access provided by not only the Motel entry above and the extra layer of security around the lower basement levels, but also by an armoured door that leads from her independant section out into the Underground proper. This door is appropriately concealed from easy identification from the other side, and Caron has reached an 'understanding' with a tribe of Ghouls that moved into tyhe tunnels on the other side years before, just after the 'Awakening'.

The Ghouls will let her pass if she doesn't make a habit of it, and extend this courtesy to Cerise solely because she scents that same as Caron, and the Ghouls want to avoid any misunderstandings with their neighbor. Cerise is restricted to the same condition of not 'abusing the priveldge', but as she has never yet stepped into the tunnels, this is as yet unlikely to be a problem.




Caron was born in a tent in the wilds of NAN/UCAS, on her parent's last major expedition.

Also seperated from one of her parents as well as her twin sister, Caron was taken by her father through the Sioux managed areas of the NAN, and eventually on to Tir Tairngire, where she grew up under her fathers tutelage.

Unlike her sister, Caron has managed to have some communication with her missing parent; tracking her down and liaising with Cerise so that she could eventually talk things over and mend fences. Strangely enough, much like her sister, she never felt that either she or Cerise had truly been 'disconnected', and was able to fall back into what seemed a natural relationship even after all the years apart.

Perhaps it is the more 'down to Earth' lifestyle she grew up with amongs the NAN nations, or the fact that she interacted with the Tairngire, rather than the NaNog side of her mother's heritage (unlike her sister), but Caron is a more accessable person... Definitely less 'uptight'/'stick in the mud'


Almost an exact match to her twin sister, she does have some slight differences due to the extensive work done on Cerise by her mother. She is tall, lithe and athletic, somewhat more 'sporty' than her sister, possessing delicate, lightly tanned skin, Blue eyes and a fine, black hair that has the sheen of polished metal. Caron favors comfortable, street styled clothes - Her most often worn being Goth Leathers and heeled boots, somewhat in the 'Vamp' style favoured by the Club Underground that caters to that niche.

She is also regularly seen wearing black, wraparound shades, though the light does not seem to bother her the same way as it does her sister.

Accoutrement-wise, Caron tends to wear a functional stainless steel watch, and very little else in the way of jewellery... Occassionally a ring may be seen on one hand, but rarely, as she always seems to be wearing her long, Leather Opera gloves.

Caron also has a current Will and Testament, with Cerise as her beneficiary... Celeste is listed as a secondary in case Caron is not alive. Caron often jokes that the only thing Cerise is likely to inherit from her is debt.

Skills, Attributes and Resources

Unlike her sister, Caron grew up focussed not so much on formal 'training', instead she learned by getting her hands dirty and 'doing it'.

Though initially she had some issues with other kids growing up in school, they learned pretty quickly that Caron was not one with whom you messed... At times, they got to learn it just a little too well. As part of her fathers regimen to help her learn to control her capabilities and her 'outburst' when around others, she took uo Tai Chi Chuan as a way to settle herself. (She never managed to achieve the heights of control she aspired to as yet, but she still trains and tries to improve herself to this day.)

Her use of firearms was another thing her father passed on to her at a young age, especially after she had started to follow in his footsteps regarding career choice. Though impressed with her Magical skills when they developed at puberty, he always taught her to 'Never rely solely on one source of protection... If you strike something that magic won't hurt, a faceful of lead may just do the trick'.

Whether due to her almost 'unique' circumstances of birth, or just a natural inclination in her psyche, when Caron initially triggered her Magical abilities they proved to be quite powerful, if somewhat distinctive in manifestation. Though her summonigs and spellcastings are exactly the same in effect as most others, they do tend to manifest in a somewhat macabre way that her teachers in the NAN could not explain.

It didn't help that in an area rife with Shamans, her mind seemed emminently more suited to a Hermetic mental structure, eventually resulting in her father using some of his contacts in Tir Tairngire to get a teacher for her... Even then, sometimes it seemed she was determined to do things her own way.

Though continuing on in her fathers footsteps as something of a 'Monster Hunter', Caron has focussed more on work assisting academic expeditions to find creatures in 'their native habitat', rather than the more lucrative 'safari' style contracts that always seem on offer. Though she would dismiss it if suggested, she has come to respect most of the Awakened creatures in the wilds, as well as quite a few of the normals, regarding the thought of pursuing them into their own habitats for 'sport' as somehow 'demeaning' to both the hunter and the prey. (Her fathers influence, for sure.)

Instead she has taken up hunting that most deadly of prey when it comes to stalking things for money; working as a Bounty Hunter for the Court systems on all sides of the UCAS/NAN/Seattle borders, as well as assisting some of the more frontier oriented 'law-persons' in the enactment of their duties when it comes to it

Caron currently has just the one property that she inhabits. Though she doesn't 'officially' pay rent to anyone for the space she occupies, she does maintain a relationship with the proprietors of the Tube Motel that sits above it, securing an entrance through to a sub-basement trade elevator/ladder access that drops well below street level, and is protected not only by the Motels entry security, but also by the extra doors and access controls required to get down into the lower levels... Pretty much originally a Hotel Atrium/entry level floor of an 19th Century Hotel that has lain buried since the 1889 fires, and the subsequent rebuild, it was effectively forgotten after the period following the Awakenings, only discovered by Caron when she was negotiating passage with a tribe of Ghouls in the Underground tunnels while in pursuit of a bounty suspect.

For the past few years, she has had a 'liberated' Mr. Fix-it working away reinforcing, and refurbishing the remaining ground floor level, attaching to the power, water, sewerage and tri-D link of the hotel above ('Unofficially, but with the Hotels consent). It has managed to provide strengthened walls, ceiling and floors, as well as placing in a concealed 'emergency access door' out into the Underground tunnels proper, retasking an old vault door found down below. As mentioned before, Caron is on good terms with a tribe of Ghouls that live in the Underground tunnels themselves, and has accassionally helped them to get things that they normally don't have access to. In return, Caron has negotiated safe passge for herself and her sister through the Ghouls home terrain, though she tries not to impinge upon this to often (If at all)

Other than that the Mr Fix-it keeps itself busy recovering materials to use in its attempt to restore/renovate the assorted rooms back to a more idealised version of its original decor.

Equipment stored here (When not worn):
Unlike her sister, everything Caron owns is either worn, or stored here.

Cerise is the only other person other than Caron, and the owners of the Motel above who is aware of this buildings existence, and it's contents.


Caron and Cerise are almost polar opposites in some ways.

Cerise tends to be very subdued in manner, letting very little disturb her serene outlook, flowing over all manner of things that would drive her sister to frustration. However, while her sister's moods tend to be far more mercurial, they are also much shorter in length. Cerise may not show her emotions often, but they run deep; where Caron may anger quickly and as quickly forgive, Cerise is more likely to present a placid demeanor while planning her revenge behind a subtle smile. Caron likes her small comforts, and while being orgainised is viewed as a good thing, she is no where near as OCD as her sister appears to be. Caron is definitely the more friendly of the two, her social skills are more about liking people, rather than manipulating emotions and relationships toward a goal.

Caron prefers to think that family and friends are what you need to get by, though she is natuarally cautious as to whom she allows within that circle.

Running the Shadows

Caron runs the shadows because that is where her vocation of choice has led her. Bounty Hunting is considered a quasi-legal profession at the best of times, and Caron has found that if you try to draw a line between the law enforcement aspects of the job and the less legal side of things, it will get blurred into obsolescence pretty quickly.

GM Update (can be modified, requires approval):

Another run. This one into the urban jungle of Old Seattle; Not her favourite environment by far, but one she knew well enough that she could enjoy the freedom while she ran it.

Her sister had found her a job involving someone of importance, though what state the contractee finished up in didn't seem to matter so much this time. All good. Not that it was an issue, but sometimes her "prey" pushed her, and when she pushed back they would end up either near death or dead. It was just easier if ‘officially’ it didn't matter.

The target's name was Ben Macky, the sole owner of a small-time business that dabbled in escort services and sometimes drugs. Apparently one of his little side deals went bad and he killed a girl that belonged to a rival gang boss.

That boss now wanted Macky dead, or in a condition where he could soon be made so, he didn't care which. The pay wasn't great, but to get results wouldn’t take long, that much she knew for certain.

Caron took 3 hours to track him down to an old, derelict eight story building in the Renton District that had once been an upmarket apartment block, now long since gone to seed in the surrounding urban decay. He had claimed the top floor as his own, both for the prestige, and for the perceived advantages in security, but perceptions rarely had much similarity to the realities of life in these uncertain times.

She climbed the outside of the neighboring building instead, observing her targets nest from a point outside their perimeter for an hour or two, killing some time by winding some loose black gauze around her head to both hide her identity as well as cover her somewhat pale skin while she waited to see just what she was dealing with.

What she saw was a party that involved several of Mackey’s "escorts" and a few close friends or associates. The usual waste of resources, time and opportunity was in play as they were all doing drugs, drinking and dancing to the latest stream of obnoxious noise that passed itself off for music nowadays, though once in a while one of the girls would take a partner with her into a back room, vanishing from sight for a half hour or so before both would return to rejoin the group.

Ben Macky made sure he had a girl hanging on him the whole time, but he didn't make a move toward that back room himself. He seemed however, to enjoy it when the other men did so.

While Caron watched and waited in silence and near immobility, it eventually began to rain. Not just a normal rain, but a frigid, penetrating downpour that occasionally whipped at her face when the wind picked up, throwing the water droplets around.

The rain would only work to her advantage, helping cover her actions better, so she waited, the near icy water sliding unfelt across her skin...and waited.

After another hour her target finally got up, grabbing the female next to him before heading off to the room neighboring the one used by the other men.

Her eyes narrowed as she evaluated the situation before finally making a move herself...She had to hurry as this chance would be gone in a matter of minutes...

Caron scampered down the building to the third floor and dropped the remaining distance, her flexed knees absorbing the impact both easily and quietly. Once on the ground she shot across the street, moving as quickly as she could, entering the alley to the left and, upon seeing that she was alone, allowed her nails to grow through the tips of her custom gloves beyond their normal length before starting her climb up the wall.

The rain made the stonework slick but it was no match for her capabilities, her nails digging into the stonework like blades into butter, Within less than three minutes she found herself outside the right window and ready.

The sudden burst of rain slowed and then stopped as she prepared to enter the room.

Caron knew that, as soon as she breached the outside perimeter, there would likely be an alarm which would give the two on the bed a warning even if the sound of shattered glass did not…she had to be fast.

If she were seen by the girl it was likely both would need to die this night to keep her identity her own, yet Caron was loath to indulge in ‘collateral damage’ if unnecessary.

Yet she also could not use magic for the very same reason; an Astral signature here would only lead to more problems than she needed.

Making use of the last of the rain, Caron used a fingernail, quickly running it around the edge of the window pane while the water cascading down the buildings side remained to help conceal the sound.

She then positioned herself carefully, holding on with the nails of one hand as she lined herself up carefully, her remaining hand flat, readied for a strike like some monk from the Tri-vids.

The crack of the glass shattering at the impact of the palm of her hand was lost almost immediately amidst the sounds of both screaming, as the shards of window sprayed across the two lying unsuspecting in bed, as well as the wail of the security system as it detected the breach.

Following through on the blow, Caron tumbled in and across the floor, her gloved hand slapping across the leg of the young woman frantically attempting to cover her face from the spray of glass while trying to disentangle herself from the bedsheets, but failing as cascading jolts of electricity coursed through her, dropping her to the carpeted floor.

She then spun away as Macky reached for his weapon, and was on top of him as the alarm continued to wail. With a swipe from her left hand Caron batted the weapon away and then pinned him down.

"I'll pay you triple if you..." he started to say when her teeth came out and tore into his throat. He reacted as all the others had done in the past - badly. He struggled for a moment or two and then sagged as the life fled from his corpse. She drained him of the last few drops and then realized that the door was being pounded on and would give way in seconds.

Taking a moment to make sure her target was dead, Caron tore her elongated crystalline nails across her bite marks and moved from the bed to the window, lifting Macky’s lifeless body with her as she went.

The sound of the splintering door bursting open as she climbed out the way she had entered was followed almost immediately by a hail of meaty ‘thwacks’ as small arms fire tore into the protective cover provided by Macky’s body, the jerking corpse hiding her slip to the side and rapid ascent before it slowly tipped out and tumbled eight stories to pulverize itself on the cement below.

Seconds later, Caron scuttled across the rooftop, climbing down before making the jump to a neighboring building even as the concerned and panicked voices echoed from the far side of the block.

*  *  *

Early the next evening she was contacted by her Cerise. She noted the death of Ben Macky in the news and said passed on a "well done". They made arrangements to meet an hour later where she was paid for her services. The two parted ways...

*  *  *

For the next run there was an addition: Jack Knife - a human decker, and Lady Links - a human female that came along for the ride. The name she gave them was Nephthys. The other two were recommended by Adaline along with a new ‘Johnson’ liasion, and on her runs; her rules, so Caron allowed a small measure of trust - just enough to get the job done and nothing more.

The run was a Hunt and Capture type with the "prey" to be taken alive with as little damage as possible. Right up her alley and the sort of job she expected from Law Enforcement. She even let slip her preference for such runs… They were certainly less… final than the type of thing her sister found for her.

*  *  *

That run, though a bit longer than all the others, seemed the most interesting. They had to cross into the CAS in order hunt down and capture their target who just happened to be an ork. He was running from a debt he couldn't, or wouldn't pay. Nephthys wasn't a talker, but she tried to behave nicely if she chose to. Once they crossed the border she became all business though. She was a but surprised that the others followed suit and followed her lead but, she reasoned, this was technically her old stomping grounds. Of course she knew the terrain better than any of them and she knew the CAS better as well. She guided the group to the ork within one and a half days.

He was too easy to follow leaving his smell on everything he passed by, though she wouldn't say exactly how she tracked him other than a few footprints and broken branches that told her they were on the right trail.

Two days later four were coming across the border where three went in, this time with the Ork in tow...literally. Nephthys had made a carry with branches from a tree. He was tied to it, which he didn't like, but he survived to be turned in to Adaline and two other individuals she had never seen before. All that work netted her two months’ worth of amenities’ access and plenty of extra.

*  *  *

Later, in the tail end of November, the six members of the new ‘team’ went on a run that required the capture on an executive and a long wait in a safe house while certain negotiations happened for his release. The ransom was paid after a day or two and the exec was released in an alley where he could be found after a short time. Lady Links had to knock out the exec after he tried to escape during the course of the run. He didn't make it past the spot she was sitting at. The only damage done to anyone was to their sanity due to boredom. They were each paid well.

The group went on two additional runs together and they proved, without a doubt, that they worked well together. Even Mr. Johnson found that working with them became easier. Nephthys noted the same. She felt more secure now that she had found a group she could rely on during runs. She had high hopes that this cohesive team would remain, but the shadows always had the last say...