Updated: 1/1/16

Physical Adept

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Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Name: Drey Harris
Aliases: Icarus
Height: 1.8 meters
Weight: 80.kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Age: 22
Place of Birth: Redmond, Seattle


Body: 5
Quickness: 5
Strength: 5
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 5
Essence: 6
Magic: 6
Reaction: 5(7)[8:surprise only]
Initiative: 5(7) +1D6(+2D6)
  Combat Pool: 8
  Karma Pool: 1
  Good Karma: 10

Active Skills

Pistols: 5
Stealth: 3
Brawling: 4
Athletics: 3
Biotech: 3
Car: 4
Car B/R: 4
Computer: 3
Electronics: 3
Electronics B/R: 3
Etiquette: 4
Intimidation: 3
Interrogation: 3
Negotiation: 3
Observation: 4
Lock Picking: 3

Knowledge Skills

Alcohol: 4
Corporate Rumors: 4
Fixers: 3
Gang ID: 3
Paranormal Animals: 3
Police Procedures: 3
Seattle Ork Underground: 3
Security Systems: 3
Street Rumors: 4
Underworld Politics: 3


English: 6
  Read/Write: 3
Chinese: 3
  Read/Write: 1
Spanish: 3
  Read/Write: 1
Sperethiel: 3
  Read/Write: 1

Physical Adept Powers

Eidetic Sense Memory: .5
The adept gains photo sight memory in addition to an increased memory involving all other senses.
Enhanced Perception: L1: .5
Each level provides an additional die for all Perception Tests SR3-231, including astral perception, if you have that power.
Freefall: L2: .5
For each level of freefall, an adept can fall a distance of 2 meters without suffering an injury or making a damage resistance test.
Great Leap: L1: .25
Each level of greatleap adds a die for Jumping Tests and is also added to the characters Quickness for determining the maximum distance a character can jump.
Improved Ability: Pistols: L2: 1
This power gives you additional dice for use with a specific Active Skill.
Improved Reflexes: L1: 2
This power increases the speed at which you react, just like wired reflexes SR3-301.
Improved Sense: Flare Comp: .25
This power provides flare compensation SR3-300.
Improved Sense: Vision Mag 3: .25
This power provides vision magnification 3 SR3-300.
Sixth Sense: L3: .75
Each level allows the adept to roll an additional die when making Reaction Tests for surprise. SR3-108


Street Cred: 0
Total Karma earned/10, rounding normally
Notoriety: 0
See MJLBB p.120 for details.
Public Awareness: 0
20 - Street Cred and Notoriety

Edges & Flaws





Colt Manhunter: ssc p.23
Conceal: 5(7)
Ammo: 16(c)
Mode: SS
Damage: 6M
Weight: 2.5kg
Cost: 425¥
Quick-Draw Concealable Holster: Adds +2 to the Concealability Rating of the weapon and changes the drawing of the weapon from a Complex Action to a Simple Action. Wt: .1kg, Cost: 100¥
3 Caseless 16-round Clips (strd rounds)
Hardliner Gloves:
Conceal: 9
Reach: 0
Damage: (STR+1)M Stun
Weight: .5kg
Cost: 300¥


Secure Ultra-Vest: sr3 p.284
  Conceal: 14
  Ballistic: 3
  Impact: 2
  Weight: 2.5kg
  Cost: 350¥


Handset Cell Phone:
Vehicle Tool Kit:
  Weight: 3kg
  Cost: 3000¥
Military Rucksack, Sm:
  5 music chips
  Music playback unit
  Lockpick set
  Pocket flashlight
  Sleeping bag
  Ration bars, 10 days
  2 caseless 16-round clips
  1 set Ordinary Clothing


Kelly Bonivain: L2: Human Female, Earnest Muckraker Reporter
Icarus met her a few years back when she wanted to do a story about boosting cars. Things didnt go down as planed the boost went south and they ended up in a car chase, a firefight, a fire and a few other things along they way. After everything was said and done they became good friends along with other things.
Sheila Wong: L1: Human Female, Corporate Secretary
Locked her keys in her car at a bar he was tending at.
Sheria: L1: Elf female, Corporate Decker
Met her clubbing downtown.
Victor " Vic " Dawson: L1: Male Ork, Corp. Security Guard
Helped him get his car back after it was stolen.
Elizebeth Wilson: L1: Human Female, Corporate Wage Slave
Met her while tending bar downtown.
Hera: L1: Orc female, Gang Boss
Use to be a fellow ganger back in the day now she is a boss.
Cynthia Daniels: L1: Orc female, Hermetic Mage
Landlord asked him to help her move in.
Tabitha "CheryBomb" Jones: L1: Human Female, Bartender
A fellow bartender he has worked with.
Julie Murphy: L1: Human female, LoneStar Detective
Caught him boosting a car that happened to belong to a wanted felon.
Panzer: L1: Male Troll, Street Samurai
Hired Icarus as a driver and to pick up a set of wheels for a get away on a job.
"Doc" McCoy: L1: Dwarf Male, Street Doc
Patched Icarus up over the years.
Tara Moon: L1: Female Elf, Taxi Driver
Met her while working at the taxi company for a bit as a mechanic.
Paulia Travis: L1: Orc Female, Mechanic
Mechanic who use to be a booster.
Frank "Red" Malone: L1: Human Male, Mafia Soldier
Met the guy while bartending in Little Italy.
Oliva O'tool: L1: Dwarf female, Street Shaman
Met her while tending bar in Tacoma.
Ray "Rock" Jacobs: L1: Male Troll, Bouncer
Met while tending bar at a club.
Kevin Thomas: L1: Male Human, Club Owner
Bartended at his establishment several times and still does off an on.
Felicia Stone: L1: Female Elf, Rocker
Ended up meeting her while tending bar at a few clubs she sang at. What a pair of legs.
Lasurus Torin: L1: Male Ork, Fixer
Have to have someone to sell the boosted cars to.
Uzinda Rath: L1: Human Female, Talismonger
Met her bartending at a bar near her shop.
Alice May: L1: Human Female, Joygirl
Helped her out one dark and stormy night.
Luara Fairborn: L1: Dwarf Female, Corporate Rigger
Use to be a booster he knew back in the day.
June Wu: L1: Human Female, Yakuza Soldier
Met her at a karioki sushi bar.
Vivian Tong: L1: Female Orc, Triad Member
Met her while checking out Chinatown.
David Gorian: L1: Male Human, Street Vendor
Best dawgs you can find.
Susan Redfeather: L1: Female Elf, Paramed Shaman
Met her through Doc.


Lifestyle: Low
Prepaid: 1 month
End Date: 1/31/63
Location: Ork Underground, Seattle
Information: Comforts: low, Entertainment: low, Security: mid, Space - low. Horrible veiw (hey its underground), Defensive setup, Concerned neighbors, Privacy Screen (L1), Easygoing landlord.
Cost: 1650¥ a month


1935¥ (in cash)


Icarus grew up in the cold mean streets of Seattle and learned how to be a small-time ganger thief and car booster. Going from foster home to foster home and to public school, which was all right for him. He picked up a few things here and there.

But his real schooling was when he joined his first gang. Join is a soft word, more like "you're with us or you're dead" kind of situation. In truth, it wasn't bad, but it could have been better. Over the last four years he has been in at least five gangs, all wiped out, absorbed or disbanded for one reason or another.
Over that time he saw many of his friends get geeked or picked up by johny law. The last gang he was in, which would make his sixth, ended up on the short end of an ambush by some group. He got lucky for he maded it back inside the warehouse they were jacking stuff from, and made it into the orc underground via a sub-basement.

That was roughly a week ago. Now he is looking for work and possibly another gang to join but that probably won't happen for "who wants to fly that close to the sun". No ware for most gangers nae have any save for razors and datajacks.

GM Update (can be modified, requires approval):

Icarus, bored out of his mind two nights after his last gang got geeked, came around a random corner from a walk he had taken in no particular direction and noticed a weak, scrawny looking kid sitting next to the building he was walking along. The elf - at least he looked like one - seemed lost and confused, yet somehow right at home. Icarus noted that he had two datajacks, but carried no gear - decker or otherwise. The first impression was that he had gotten mugged, but he showed no signes of being beaten or even getting knocked down. And, now that his face was turned just so, he could see that, for an elf, the young boy was rather homely and plain. The only thing that stood out, and it wasn't much, seemed to be either paint or a large tattooed bar of green across his hazel eyes, and chestnut hair styled in one of the current motifs.

"What?" asked the boy right away, noting the strange person approaching that just happened to be staring at him.

Icarus stopped walking and took a moment to answer as the kid somehow reminded him of what he went through when he was young...then, like a wave of memory, Icarus thought of all the other members of his last gang, he being the only surviving member, and how they had, just two nights earlier, gotten themselves slaughtered by a rival gang. Thoughts of that event produced a look of pain on his face as he stared off into nothing far too long.

The boy in front of him interrupted his thoughts. "You okay mister? Best get inside. Not safe here."

An elf himself, Icarus saw far too many similarities between them. He shook his head to clear out the current thoughts so he could answer. "What do you mean?" he asked. Evan as the words came out he realized he had wondered into new gang territory - the Red Devils - a nasty bunch of human crazies that tended to kill anyone entering their territory without permission...at night anyway.

"You know a place?" Icarus asked after realizing his mistake.

"Yeah, I do." The young elf waved for Icarus to follow...he did. He found out later went the boy went by "Boomer". He was guided to a small, makeshift door placed in what used to be a window. Both of them went through it and closed the aperture behind them just as a slow moving car went by, filled, most likely, by a Red Devil patrol.

*  *  *

The two elves sat in the quiet darkness of the small room for a few hours, talking about their past a bit [GM: both need to decide exactly what was revealed], the upstart Red Devils and their quick grab of four square blocks from the (apparently) weaker Black Killers, whom they wiped out not three weeks ago. Finally, just before dawn, Icarus got up and said goodby to his new friend...and the knowledge that this kid was a decker of sorts and was willing to do runs should his services be needed. However, Boomer made it absolutely clear that he was to be contacted only through the Matrix (for now), which address he had passed along.

*  *  *

Icarus, a mere two days later, found he needed the services of his new decker friend to pick up a new ID and fake SIN. The operation was quick and within two hours he had a new SIN and ID to mill about. Icarus was more than happy to pay for services as he never expected a return so quickly.

Boomer would later assist again to "garner" some funds from a small-time information broker datastore that required Icarus to break in, link the local system to a remote wireless network in order to provide Boomer access to the internal system. The run, though short, required that he had to knock out only two security guards to gain access to the datastore. Cake. Both walked away with enough creds to cover all their expenses for three months.

With the end of 2062 approaching The extra money would provide a small token of friendship to some of his closest contacts that remained alive.

*  *  *

November...a cold month in Seattle...one in which plenty of runs could be counted on due to the cold keeping many less sturdy runners inside. Not Icarus. Even though the last run was a good one, the money would run out quick. For several days he hoped his Mr. Johnson would call, but he never did.

More than two weeks later he finally got a call from Cherrybomb. She said she just met a human female with a German accent needing a new contact in order to locate some work. "I thought of you, Icarus," she said. "Meet me at the bar in an hour so you can meet her. She seems level-headed and professional so I thought it would be okay. She goes by the name of Rhonda."

Later that night Icarus waited for Rhonda standing on a street next to the opening of an ally just out of the light. They met and talked for a few minutes and decided to meet again the next night as a job opened up that would net them some good starting money. All Rhonda had to do was provide overwatch for Icarus and Boomer.

*  *  *

The job was so easy that Rhonda didn't even fire a shot. Almost too easy. The job, a seemingly excessive amount of pay for data retreival, didn't even allow anyone to break a sweat or use any ammo - expensive ammo. At least they could survive for a few months on the take. Rhonda seemed to be trustable. She would need to work on gaining their trust, but that would likely happen over time. Icarus decided that he and Boomer would work with her in the future.

*  *  *

Days tured into weeks as Icarus and Boomer helped Rhonda on occasion, but they tried not to rely on her too often. In fact, even though they did quite well on their own, they found that having her as backup came in handy more often then either wanted to admit. At least she was polite and professional for everything.

However, during the next few weeks they got together to plan several runs offered to them by a now familiar Mr. Johnson. He was at least polite, but had an air of "I'm better that you, and don't forget it" attitude that rubbed the wrong way sometimes.

One of the runs required a rigger and a tough vehicle. Mr. Johnson knew a couple riggers that might do the trick. The first one, an elf, actually turned down the offer. The second one, a human, looked forward to the challenge. Mr. Johnson set up the meet in a familiar setting, that of Barnabee's Bar and Grill. They were to meet the rigger there at 2 AM. He went by Jack Knife and would be wearing red-lensed shades sitting at the bar. Unfortunatly, Boomer wasn't allowed in the bar so Icarus hooked up a trideo link on his shirt that looked like a decorative pin, allowing the decker to observe and listen in on the coversation.

The meet went well as Icarus explained what the pin was right from the start so there would be no secrets up front to ruin the meeting. The human reluctantly agreed once he was told that he would be meeting the other elf on the next meet right before the run to help prep.

A fixer contact belonging to Icarus offered a temporary Safe House near the runs location as a last effort. The location was large enough for a good-sized vehicle. They were set.

On the following night near 1:00 AM the group met, Icarus, Boomer and Jack Knife got introduced followed by an introduction for Rhonda, then final preparations were made and the run began...

Mr. Johnson didn't have all the information they needed. He wasn't told about the second security layer on the grounds that had just been put in. That made the extraction all the more difficult. So difficult in fact, Icarus got blasted in the arm, Rhonda in the leg. This nearly lost them the contents of the run and their lives. However, with the expert driving skills of the newest member of their group, Jack Knife, they made the safe house just in time to ditch LoneStar and the facility security personnel that gave chase once the alarm had sounded. Jack Knife's van, upon inspection, had taken two hits and would need repairs, but they were minor. The take on the run would more than cover damages. In addition, all wounds were tended to and seemed minor; no hospital or steet doc visit would be required, just rest.

The best part about the run became the short stay in the safe house - lasting for only an entire day. After that short stint in exile arrangements were made with Mr. Johnson to deliver the goods and a fixer for the rest.

That near-deadly run started the working relationship of all four and introduced several others along the route.

*  *  *

Later, in late November the six of them went on a run that required the capture on an executive and a long wait in a safe house while certain negotiations happened for his release. The ransom was paid after a day or two and the exec was released in an alley where he could be found after a short time. Lady Links had to knock out the exec after he tried to escape during the course of the run. He didn't make it past the spot she was sitting at. The only damage done to anyone was a boredom. They were each paid well.

The group went on two additional runs together and they proved, without a doubt, that they worked well together. Even Mr. Johnson found that working with them became easier. Icarus noted the same. He felt more secure now that he had found a group he could rely on during runs. He had high hopes that this cohesive team would remain, but the shadows always had the last say...