WEAPONS SPECIALIST RACE (E): Human ATTRIBUTES (B) B Q S C I W E M R 4 6 5 3 6 3 4.15 0 6 (7) ACTIVE SKILLS (A) Biotech (First Aid) 1 (3) Edged Weapons 5 Etiquette 3 Gunnery 6 Heavy Weapons 5 Heavy Weapons B/R 3 Pistols 6 Pistols B/R 4 Projectile Weapons 4 Submachine Guns 6 Stealth (Sneaking) 1 (3) Throwing Weapons 4 KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Arms Dealers 4 Body Armor Fabrication 3 Demolitions Background 4 English 5 Read/Write 2 Gambling Card Games 4 German 4 Read/Write 2 Gunsmithing 5 Miltech Manufacturers 3 Physics (Ballistics) 2 (4) SWAT Team Tactics 4 CYBERWARE Boosted Reflexes (Rating 2) Cybereyes [with Display Link, Flare Compensation, Low Light, Electronic Vision Magnification (Rating 3)] Smartlink (Alphaware) RESOURCES (C): 90,000• PLAYING A WEAPONS SPECIALIST The Weapons Specialist is proficient at using and repairing just about any weapon youíve ever seen and quite a few youíve never even heard of. She is ideal for runs that require variety, skill and improvisation. She instinctively knows what weapons need to be used in every situation. And if a situation arises where she doesnít have that weapon handy, she can improvise something thatís close enough or find a dealer to provide it. Her skills and collected weaponry combine with lethal precision, but itís her command of the tactical that gives her the advantage. As a veteran of multiple war zones, she doesnít need to become a cybered street samurai to get the job done. Sheís unlikely to get involved in any exchange without a plan and a clear advantage. She also stays on top of current developments, and may be a valuable information source on military technology.