STREET SAMURAI RACE (E): Human ATTRIBUTES (B) B Q S C I W E M R 4 (6) 6 5 (7) 3 6 3 .01 0 6 (11) ACTIVE SKILLS (C) Athletics 4 Cyber-Implant Weaponry (Spurs) 4(6) Edged Weapons 3 Etiquette (Street) 2 (4) Leadership 3 Pistols 6 Stealth 4 Submachine Guns 6 KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Bushido Philosophy 5 English 5 Read/Write 2 Gang Identification 4 Japanese 4 Read/Write 2 Japanese Society 3 Megacorporate Security 4 Security Procedures 4 Shadowrunner Haunts 4 Small-Unit Tactics 6 CYBERWARE Cybereyes (Alphaware) [with Flare Compensation, Display Link, Low-light, Protective Covers, and Thermographic Vision] Dampener (Alphaware) Datajack (Alphaware) Dermal Plating (Alphaware, Rating 1) Hearing Amplification (Alphaware) Two Obvious Cyberarms [with built-in Smartlink, two Retractable Spurs, and Strength Enhancement (Rating 3)] Reaction Enhancer (1) Wired Reflexes (Alphaware, Rating 2) RESOURCES (A): 1,000,000• PLAYING A STREET SAMURAI The Street Samurai is more than an urban predator or partial cyborg, he is a freelance operative who follows a strict code of street honor. He is as learned in the ways of the traditional samurai warrior as he is in the practice of security procedures. The samurai tries to stay one step ahead of the dishonorable scum in the sprawl by upgrading his body with cyberware, always walking the line of insanity as he loses more and more flesh to the surgeonís knife. He sells his skills, training and cyberware for profit, but he is not an amoral killer and will refuse jobs that he considers dishonorable. His experience and leadership qualities often place him in charge of shadowrunner groups and operations, as he is perceptive in detailing mission plans and objectives. His cyberware enhancements give him an edge on the competition; those who underestimate him as a lowly street punk soon regret such a lethal mistake.