Updated: 1/1/16

Physical Adept

Race: Human (E)
Gender: M or F
Height (1.7m avg):
Weight (70kg avg):
Age (75 max):
Place of Birth:


Body: 5
Quickness: 6
Strength: 6 (7)
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 1
Willpower: 4
Essence: 6
Magic: 6
Reaction: 6 (8)
Initiative: 6 (8) +1D6 (+2D6)
Move: 6 (walking), 18 (running)
  Combat Pool (Q+I+W/2,r/d): 5
  Karma Pool: 1
  Good Karma: 10

Active Skills (C)

Athletics: 6
Clubs (Rattan Sticks): 5 (7)
Etiquette: 3
Stealth: 6
Throwing Weapons: 6
Unarmed Combat: 6 (7)

Knowledge Skills

Legendary Martial Artists: 3
Magic Background: 4
Medicine: 4
Meditation: 4
Philosophy: 4
Professional Bodyguarding: 4
Sculpture: 3


Chinese: 4
  Read/Write: 2
English: 5
  Read/Write: 2
Filipino: 4
  Read/Write: 2

Adept Powers

Improved Strength (1)
Improved Unarmed Combat (1)
Increased Reflexes (1)
Killing Hands (M)
Pain Resistance (3)

Resources (D)



None (at start), must purchase, but background can override this


None (at start), must purchase, but background can override this

Playing an Adept

The Adept is a magically active individual who follows the somatic way. Instead of casting spells, he uses his magic internally to develop his mind and body to its utmost potential, physically, mentally and spiritually. His ability to inflict damage by using his body as a weapon has been intensified, as has his ability to take damage without faltering. His magic has also improved his speed and reflexes. Combined with his agility, stealth, and athletics ability, the adept can play the role of ninja, spy, or thief with ease.

The adept is more than an expert killing machine, however; he is also an enlightened student of magic, philosophy, art and language. He wields control over his mind as frequently as he does control over his body, through the arts of meditation and sculpture. In addition to shadow work, he sidelines as a bodyguard, where his skills of patience, alertness and control are constantly tested.