Updated: 4/1/16

Combat Mage

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Race: Human
Gender: M or F
Name: ?
Aliases: ?
Height: ? meters
Weight: ?kg
Hair: ?
Eyes: ?
Age: ?
DOB: ?
Place of Birth: ?


Body: 3
Quickness: 4
Strength: 2
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 4
Willpower: 6
Essence: 5
Magic: 5
Reaction: 4
Initiative: 4 +1D6
  Astral Reaction: 24
  Astral Initiative: 24 +1D6
  Astral Combat Pool: 7
  Spell Pool: 5
  Combat Pool: 7
  Karma Pool: 1
  Good Karma: 10

Active Skills

Sorcery: 6
Conjuring: 5
Aura Reading: 3
Pistols: 4
Cyber-Implant Combat(Hand Razors): 2(4)
Edged Weapons(Sword): 3(5)
Etiquette: 3

Knowledge Skills

Magical Background: 3
Magical Theory: 4
Magical Threats: 3
Spell Design: 5
Small Unit Tactics: 4


English: 4
  Read/Write: 2
Gaelic: 3
  Read/Write: 1


Fireball: 4 (E)
Improved Invisibility: 4 (F)
Mana Bolt: 4
Manaball: 6
Physical Barrier: 5
Powerball: 5
Stunbolt: 4
Treat: 4 (E)
Increase Reaction +3: 4

Edges & Flaws






Cybereyes: Flare compensation, low-light, thermographic imaging
Cyberears: Dampener
Retractable Hand Razors:


Ares Predator III Heavy Pistol: smartlink-2, silencer, concealable holster, 4 spare clips, 60 explosive rounds, 30 standard rounds
Ingram Smartgun SMG: smartlink-2, sound supressor, 4 spare clips, 160 explosive rounds
Sword: Str+2M


Securetech Long Coat: 4/2

Magical Gear

Expendable Combat Foci (x5): Force 2
Expendable Manipulation Foci (x5): Force 2
Elemental Conjuring Materials (x3): Force 4
Illusion Fetish: Improved Invisibility
Hermetic Sorcery Library: Rating 6/3.6G


Pocket Secretary:
Data Unit: 500Mp:
Medkit w/supplies:
DocWagon™ Contract: Basic
Trauma Patch:
Fine Clothing:


Fixer: L1
Mr. Johnson: L1
Street Doc: L1
Talismonger: L1


Middle Lifestyle: 2 months prepaid

Resources (B)

97+ (3D6 x 100)¥


Commentary: The combat mage is from that elite group of magicians dedicated to applying their art martially. In a firefight, his sudden appearance can tip the balance. The combat mage is a lean, powerful fighting machine, and more than a match for most samurai. It would be foolish, however, for a combat mage to take on a samurai head-to-head. Guile and subterfuge will always be his most powerful tools.