Updated: 3/1/16


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Race: Human
Gender: M or F
Name: ?
Aliases: ?
Height: ? meters
Weight: ?kg
Hair: ?
Eyes: ?
Age: ?
DOB: ?
Place of Birth: ?


Body: 4
Quickness: 6
Strength: 4
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 3
Essence: 5.2
Magic: 0
Reaction: 6
Initiative: 6 +1D6
  Combat Pool: 6
  Karma Pool: 1
  Good Karma: 10

Active Skills

Pistol: 6
Projectile Weapon: 4
Rifle: 5
Submachine Gun: 5
Edged Weapons: 4
Stealth: 6
Athletics: 3
Demolitions: 4
Disguise: 4
Etiquette: 4

Knowledge Skills

Assassin Network: 5
Computer Background: 4
Electronics Background: 4
Forensics: 5
Security Procedures: 5
Psychology: 5
Existential Philosophy: 2


English: 5
  Read/Write: 2
Italian: 4
  Read/Write: 2

Edges & Flaws






Cybereyes (A):
flare compensation, low-light, thermographic imaging, dampener
Smartlink-2 (A):


Heavy Crossbow: 50 bolts
Fichetti Security 500: [smartlink-2, silencer] concealable holster, 4 spare clips, 60 rounds regular ammunition
Ares Predator III Heavy Pistol: [smartlink-2, silencer] concealable holster, 4 spare clips, 30 rounds explosive, 30 rounds flechette, 60 rounds regular ammunition
Heckler & Koch HK227 SMG: [smartlink-2] 4 spare clips, 140 rounds explosive ammunition
Ranger Arms SM-3 Sniper Rifle: 3 spare clips, 30 rounds EX explosive ammunition
C-IV Plastic Explosive (10kg): w/radio detonator & timer (5 ea.)


Securetech Clothing: (3/0)
Securetech Long Coat: (4/2)


Pocket Secretary:
Wrist-Model Cellphone w/flip-up screen:
Electronics Kit:
Disguise Kit:
Pocket Flashlight:
Climbing Gear: ascent/descent harness & kit, rappelling gloves, rope (50m)
Grapple Gun: stealth line (100m) & catalyst stick
Medkit: Refill supplies (x2)
Fine Clothing: 6 outfits
Trés Chic Clothing: 3 outfits


Ford Americar
Handling: 4/8
Speed: 105
Accel: 8
Body: 3
Armor: 0
Sig: 2
Autonav: 2
Pilot: --
Sensor: 1
Cargo: 12
Load: 110
Seating: 2 + 1b
Entry: 2d + 1t
Fuel: G (60 l)
Econ: 12.4 km/l
Chassis: Sedan
Availability: 2/24 hrs
Street Index: 1
Cost: 20,000¥
Notes: See pages 165-166 for full details.

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Armorer: Level 1:
Corporate Official: Level 1:
Fixer: Level 1:
Mafia Caporegime: Level 1:
Mr. Johnson: Level 1:


Middle Lifestyle: 2 months prepaid

Resources (B)

250+ (3D6 x 100)¥


Commentary: The assassin is a professional at what she does and could almost be considered an artist in a dark sort of way. The job can be anything from cake to a gauntlet and she has the fairest chance of any in the shadows to pull it off with precision and accuracy. She is a thinker and often a philosopher…and she rarely has to worry about getting paid for services rendered.

“Of course I’m a professional. That’s why you’ve never heard of me.”

Disguise is a new skill based on the Intelligence attribute.

Disguise: Intelligence: Disguise is the art of well, disguise. A character in disguise can disguise himself as anyone using his Charisma Score but disguising himself as anyone with a higher Charisma requires extra successes, at the GM’s discretion. In almost all cases, Disguise requires an Open Test, with a -4 TN modifier given to perceivers with astral perception. A Disguise Kit is required to use the skill, with a Shop and Facility adding cumulative +2 modifiers to penetrate a disguise; without a dedicated disguise kit, use a –2 modifier to penetrate disguises. This Skill can be backed up by any Knowledge Skills having to do with acting; props like SINs can enhance the disguise skill. Default Skill: Disguise. Specializations: Makeup, Clothing, Prosthetics, Voice Changing.